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  1. General Board
    A post on the Wye thread by Fixed Spool taunts a Polish angler about his English and then tells him to ‘Go roast a barbel’. This must be removed and the poster banned. Peter Chilton joined in the racist bullying by following up the original offensive post with one linking to a fish recipe book...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I tried to buy through pM, on classified , and have been banned from access. Why. Congratulations SFF on shooting yourself in the foot.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, what a forum we have here. I posted in general yesterday a free pair of waders for any youngster, which to me is not a sale so i didn't put in sales. So i have an email this morning to say that it has been moved to sales and closed, fair enough. I now go to members sales and in big red...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Mmembers of the team and apparently management have brought Australian cricket to its knees........blatant premeditated cheating has been admitted......all those involved should be sacked and banned........this could have serious consequences for the future of the Ashes and test cricket in...
  5. General Board
    Looks like the north east drift nets have had there day. Appears the EA are going to propose the ending of drift nets from this year and T and J nets banned from catching salmon after 2019.
  6. General Board
    I recently started a thread you may remember. It was asking for Doonrod to be pardoned. This was a genuine request because I liked his input and his sense of humour. I had no hidden agenda and am not a friend of his. I have since been given a "Warning" from Miriam, whoever she is because I...
  7. General Board
    was wondering as you say that if one has two accounts they will loose them both? im not banned -yet ;) but my son wants to open an account in these forums he is junior being 16 yrs old,can he still become a member via my mac/Ip address other words im a not restricted to one account only per Ip...
  8. General Board
    Two threads now closed today on a subject raised a few months ago so here is a reminder. Banned means banned,no return under any circumstances.It also will apply if we find a person is back under a new name they will automatically be banned again. This also applies if you have 2 accounts,only...
1-8 of 8 Results