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  1. General Board
    After reading the posts the biggest fish you’ve ever seen here goes ! i was on the lower tummel and for those of you that know the beat I started in the killiechangie run . After about 5/6 casts I’m on ! Yes what a start to the day the fish stayed deep on the far bank after about 10 min I see...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Hopefully the fish was able to spawn. Weighed about 5 pounds.Looks to be a hen. One of the club members found it on the river bank. Seems to be a hole below the eye area. Sewinfly.....
  3. Picture Gallery
    Not exactly hard core X rated but you get the idea. Sutherland Bottle Bank :doh: Andy
  4. General Board
    Just wondering if any forum members had any run ins on the river Bank this year with other anglers or river users? Over the past couple of years I've become more and more of a recluse at the river. I used to talk to everyone I met at the river. Over recent years though I've met people, said...
  5. General Board
    Hi all, Does anybody know a contact to find a guide for the Tana? Norwegian side of the river. Bank fishing. I know that a lot of the fishing is done harling from a boat. But this experience is saved for another trip in the future... Any help is welcome. Best regards, Christian
  6. Picture Gallery
    I caught this the other night on a mayfly. It went like a train down river and nearly got in to some tree roots on the opposite bank. Anyway it was about one and a half to two pounds. There are no red spots and the tail is square . Brown or sea trout ? Colin.
  7. General Board
    has any body fished this or know anything about beat what type of water says oppossite bank to middle mertoun, but middle mertoun says they are double bank.
  8. The Art of Casting
    I am trying to locate a video of the technique for a contrived single spey - in which the line is thrown outwards to the far bank just prior to forming the anchor. Cant seem to google anything at the moment - any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Classified Wanted
    Guys and gals I’m looking for a very cheap rod for French Nymphing, not looking to break the bank though so much cheapness please. What have you got and might even be able to swap something.
  10. Classified Sales
    I have a Vision Tool 15ft 4 piece salmon rod with cork handle. It was advertised recently on here but did not sell. I feel I owe you all a second chance to own this mighty fine fly fishing cannon at a reduced price. It has been used for less than one hour and has to go as I bought myself yet...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    I have a small river through my garden and own all rights to fishing &c along that stretch. Just upstream where a neighbour owns 1m back from he bank, there was a collapse last year and he now has just 20cm! The bank had been undermined - partially by current but maybe by something else...
  12. General Board
    You're going to have to raid the old piggy bank for these! Very Rare Pair of BOGDON 300M LHW Salmon Fly Reels | eBay
  13. General Board
    I am fishing Park south second week in May. Have fished the north bank but have no idea how to get to the hut on the south bank. Can anyone out there enlighten me. I will be coming over the bridge from the north on the Strahaven road then turn left onto the south Dee road and head towards...
  14. General Board
    I thought I'd start a thread about this subject as all of us must have one capture that's sticks with you. Hopefully some of you will put your stories on here. This is mine. We were fishing our week at Delphi lodge, Ireland in May 2016 and due to low water and poor conditions at Delphi we...
  15. Classified Sales
    Hardy marquis No3 In as new condition loaded with backing and varivas running line. Currently Lhw. Comes with original box and pouch. Looking for £110 posted. Payment by bank transfer preferred. UK mainland Sold! Zpey Epsilon 8/10#.comes with original pouch. Lhw. And in good condition...
  16. General Board
    On a lighter note to lift the mood lol After decades of cold cheese sarnies and crips/juice etc and about three years ago decided to go upmarket with the fishing grub and bought a cheap gas hob and gas bottle to cook my bank side grub and what a difference a bacon/sausage/frying steak et al...
  17. General Board
    Hi All, I know the the John Norris hacking has been mentioned in the post below: But I know that people don't come back to the thread thinking it's probably drifted off...
  18. General Board
    I took this photo this afternoon while crossing Maryculter Bridge after fishing on the south bank. It appears to be coming from the AWPR construction at the new Dee crossing. It doesn't look good. SEPA have been informed.
  19. Rookies Corner
    I have been fly fishing this last 30 odd years, trout fishing mainly from a boat and sometimes but not too often from the bank. I took up salmon fishing about 2 years ago in rivers . The problem is this river fishing presents a whole set of new problems, mainly ferns, briars, long grass and the...
  20. Classified Sales
    As new, complete with original box, receipt etc. Brilliant vice and only selling because I'm skint :( £550 inc parcel force delivery to UK mainland, other locations at cost. Payment paypal as friend or bank transfer or cash if you live local. Any questions please message me. Thanks Paul...
1-20 of 22 Results