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  1. Spinning
    My father in law has given me a box of vintage minnows. They all seem to be very muted shades. Black backs or very dark green and very dark bellies, even the gold is muted. Do these baits perform better in a toned down form? I have painted some blanks and mine look like a ravers dream compared...
  2. Classified Sales
    This a box of 22 spinner baits, mostly tobys but also an original ABU Killer and also an original Blair spoon made by Bob Blair himself with the B stamp on it. These last two are exceptional killing baits and almost impossible to obtain nowadays. £35 delivered mainland UK. SOLD
  3. General Board
    I notice as I read through threads that there are more and more people turning to fly only and forsaking spinning. Emotionally I agree - for reasons which I will give I am in sympathy with them. Simply put - a day's fly fishing is generally far more relaxing and fulfilling to the man than a...
1-3 of 3 Results