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  1. General Board
    I'm a fisherman and a bit of an ecomentalist as some may have observed. Watching the beeb this morning, there was a story on Amazon dolphins being caught to use for bait for catching catfish. My first thoughts were "wow, how big are those @#&!! catfish" and "I wonder if they do guided fishing...
  2. Ebay Bargains
    Greys Mac Martin 11ft Bait Spin 3pce rod. Greys Mac Martin 11ft 3piece bait/spin rod in excellent used condition. | eBay
  3. General Board
    I do not spin,have not done so for probably 10 years.But I'm hearing that FDSFB.are talking about only allowing spinning on the bait season(1st june-26th aug) is this true.If true they might as well shut the fishery.
  4. Salt Water Fishing
    But we caught this instead. Darnedest this is we were using octopus for bait. :doh:
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi people I've have two rods I need advice about if any one could help me the rods are as follows .. Grays grayflex bait 12ft and a mac Martin bait and spin special 11 any info would be nice thanks every one ?
  6. News & Features
    Long shot I know but does anyone have a tip section for a Hardy Demon Bait 11’6”? Tried Hardy’s but they no longer have spares! Can’t beat that lifetime guarantee!
  7. Picture Gallery
    Not much to say about the salmon fishing, other than we'll forget this one. Sea fishing's been difficult too. If it's lack of water for salmon, it's too much wind for boat fishing! We took advantage of a gap in the weather early this week to get a trip in. I've had a mission for a while to try...
  8. General Board
    More pollution Another pollution incident. Not sure NRW will have time to deal with this though. Too busy dealing with the push to ban bait fishing for salmon on Welsh rivers. Hundreds of fish die in 'devastating' pollution incident - Wales Online
  9. Classified Sales
    Have a nice Greys bait rod for sale, its 12ft and a 3 piece. Sensitive rod but with plenty of power if needed. Ideal for Salmon, Seatrout and light Bass fishing. Looking for £60 posted can email photos if interested.
  10. General Board
    I've previously shared some pictures of deer at my feeder taken with a game camera. I knew that we had some coyotes around, and I have been trying to bait them to get a shot, but the camera I've been using near the bait pile hasn't been working correctly. I caught these new shots over the last...
  11. Prawn & Shrimp
    On of my first questions on the forum lads..probably a bit stupid but here goes! What the difference in fishing the prawn or shrimp? Is it the same bait just diffrent names?
  12. Picture Gallery
    Sometimes it's nice to throw your bait or lure at something that really wants to eat it. A trip to Norway has long been on my list and I'd never caught a halibut. We went up to Vannoya island in northern Norway, fishing out into the Barents Sea. Three flights and a ferry got us there. We had two...
  13. Prawn & Shrimp
    I was going to floatfish with a prawn but it looks like i will have to freeline or does the spinning mean i can use a float.:confused: Bait fishing, using any type of rod and line or legal terminal tackle, provided that the bait be docken grub, wasp grub, caddeslarvae or stone fly creeper...
  14. Trout Fishing
    Tarvie loch fishery near Contin. Planning a trip up to tarvie lochs with the kids on the bait loch, it's been over 20 years since I last went and wondered if anyone local there frequents the place and could give any tips as to a productive bait. They keep pestering me to fish but really don't...
  15. General Board
    I just recently moved into a new area, (a street close to bonners bar in ballybofey/stranorler or whatever) and I discovered a river in a walkway. It had a sign on a few trees "B&S Angling, Members only" I'm wondering what do I need to do. A licence? I am under 18 so it may be cheaper. Also...
  16. Fishing Videos
    Greeting folks! Two days ago an idea came to me: make some "favorite little bag" for fishing. I mean, bag with best work and favorite baits. I found old photo-camera bag and made this. waiting your comments and
  17. Fishing Videos
    Greeting folks! This my new video about, the first fishing in this year at pike with spinner baits in Georgia, Tbilisi. The fish was passive, but we managed to catch a couple.
  18. Fishing Videos
    Greetings folks! This is another video about trout fishing in Georgia, Gori district. I used simple 3 grams bait.
  19. Fishing Videos
    Hello guys! I'am from Georgia, Tbilisi. Sometimes, i was going in the river Mtkvari. In June and July, grasshopper and maggot is the bait for chub. It's old video, and main language Georgia and Subtitle Russian, but enjoy anyway. Waiting your comments.
  20. Fishing Videos
    Greetings! This is first my post on this forum, waiting your comments. Thank you!:o The idea is simple. I used composition metal as it's easier to cure. With the 2nd drill size 4mm I did 3mm holes so the edges are wider and the mounting ring won't decelerate. Then I cured everything on the rasp...
1-20 of 20 Results