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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Scandi type hairwing based (loosely) on the Usual, tied with a cone body. Still working on getting the heads right but not too bad and good enough for fishing if not display-case quality?
  2. Picture Gallery
    Just a few snaps of todays trip to waters meet, the junction between North and South per usual i blanked.....but had a great day and i feel my casting isn't as bad as it was the last time some slight improvement...
  3. General Board
    Thirty-three thousand trout escape into Loch Etive from fish farm | The Oban Times
  4. Picture Gallery
    Just the one fish today but not a bad one.
  5. General Board
    This time last year we were a few weeks into a long dry hot summer,with the rivers down to their bones and the grass burnt dry.This year is the total opposite where there has hardly been 2 dry consecutive days, low night temperatures,high winds and generally just dreich weather,but at least...
  6. General Board
    Having a dram before dinner at the Hotel Altnaharra and wrapping up two weeks on the Naver. I’ll give a fuller report with photos when I get back to the U.S.A. It has been raining all this past week and the river is essentially unfishably high. Too bad cuz things were starting to happen...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Few pic from our hill yesterday in not bad conditions. Zoom into the middle ridge and you'll see 4 people and a dog for scale. In the 4th pic
  8. General Board
    Considering we havnt got much rain this season and only be out about 7 half decent days not doing badbad all eating
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Those of us that have watched the news the last few days would have seen the carry on with French and British Scallop fishermen,although i dont like the French who want everything their own way i do have sympathy with them in this case that allows us to fish but not them. But in my view Scallop...
  10. General Board
    All I would really appreciate if you could sign this Is very bad for our local estuary on the river wyre Debate effect of pumping out brine at Fleetwood on marine life and livelihoods - Petitions
  11. Rods
    Anyone with any experience of the above rod ? Would like to hear all comments, good or bad :D
  12. General Board
    Hi For those of you that have bought and tried them ,I`d like your opinions please on the John Norris running lines.. At £2.99 per line as advertised on their site are they really ok ? I`m normally a very firm believer in ""you get what you pay for"" but occasionally iv`e noticed a few guys...
  13. General Board
    Its great to be back* :cool: I did try to remain under the radar and was looking for peace and quiet, but it seems some natives are restless and just cant let, lets not muck about...... get it all off your chests in this one thread, the g̶o̶o̶d̶ and bad, as i know we love a good public...
  14. General Board
    An emotive subject to quite a few, especially if you consider the cost of some of the stuff!.Any way I sort of nearly don't mind Seaguar-don't like the price bit at all though!.Like the clarity a lot, the sink speed can at times be a hindrance or a positive boon.However I'm not at all sold on...
  15. General Board
    I see the rods on the Thurso managed 47 today now they have some water. Seems like not a bad days fishing. Guess where I am going next week!!
  16. Shooting Heads
    Anyone used the above heads ? Any comments, good or bad ?
  17. General Board
    All last week fishing fish moving everywhere all below me all above me catching fish even the young fella came down next to me me not getting a sniff his first cast fish all week great run not one not a bite not a pull everything but the kitchen sink bad juew juew on me,missus give me the jinks...
  18. Shooting Heads
    Anyone any experiece of these heads, good, bad or indifferent ?
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Terrible disaster unfolding there. Unimaginable how many lives will have been lost..:(:( Very very bad news indeed. As if we haven't had enough bad news over recent weeks!! Just to add..Seems like a typical British attitude going on too.Help and assistance coming from every angle. Off duty...
1-19 of 19 Results