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  1. General Board
    Thirty-three thousand trout escape into Loch Etive from fish farm | The Oban Times
  2. General Board
    Lucky day river awe I was on the river Awe today, and I managed a beauty of a fish, I recon 17/18 pounds on a rod I had never cast/ used before and a fly that I found on the river bank,so I'm on my way to buy a lottery ticket tonight. Thanks to all the people who gave me advice on an...
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Happy New Year everyone, I am getting to the point of booking some fishing for the spring and early summer. Not last season but the one before I booked on the river Awe, at the barrage. I later found out it was the lowest fish count on record. I did enjoy my...
  4. General Board
    Just took this pic from FB, apparently another large escape of rainbows into the river Awe, terrible if it’s true, any truth in it anyone.
  5. General Board
    I have managed to book a day on the river Awe, beat (a) in the morning and beat (b) in the afternoon I have never fished this area of the river before but passed it many times and watching the salmon behind the barrage. I do realise it's nothing like what it was many moons ago, but still looking...
  6. Fishing Videos
    A Day on the River Awe Hi Here's a video of a recent day on the River Awe Lorne Beat. A size 10 Gold Cascade seemed to do the trick. Hope you like the video Mikh
1-6 of 6 Results