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  1. General Board
    Despite the doom and gloom of recent times, a lovely 20lb class fish from the Avon today, caught on a fly too. Pictures on Avon Diary, well done Danny
  2. English Rivers
    Well, I don't think the fishing can get much worse than last season, so fingers crossed we get a good run of fish this year......there's certainly enough water to encourage them into the system! Hopefully, we will be able to get to the riverbank come the 1 February, but it may well be the devon...
  3. General Board
    For those of us in need of some inspiration, checkout the fish on the Hampshire Avon thread, a thing of beauty. peter
  4. English Rivers
    Best of luck to anglers fishing the Avon this season.....hopefully we will have a better season than last year! If not, it could be hard work (not that it's ever easy)! Hope to be out on 1 February at Somerley (work permitting), so may see some of you on the bank. Tightlines all. Sean
  5. General Board
    Got my first Rio Mow tip recently, a T14 10' to hopefully get down in the deeper pools on the Hampshire Avon come February. Only ever used Airflow polytips previously. My question is what's the best way to connect the leader to the welded loop on the tip? I'm thinking loop to loop a short length...
  6. General Board
    Anyone know the official record for the heaviest salmon caught by rod and line from the Hampshire Avon between Mudeford and Avon Place?, tales of 50lb plus by netting?
  7. Picture Gallery
    Went down to Southampton to stay with my sister for the weekend, well, sleep at my sisters and continue flogging away for my first Avon Salmon. 16th June is the first day shrimping is allowed down there so armed with a pack of Kenwynns finest reds I set off hoping to get the first fish off the...
  8. General Board
    If you haven,t seen it, check out Mr Greenacre,s latest Avon fish on Avon diary 2018 6th june entry, quite awesome in build, 44inches with a 28inch girth, around the 35lb mark and looks every bit of that. A large chunk of positivity, amongst all the doom and gloom! peter
  9. General Board
    Was all set up and ready for the first visit to the Avon last weekend, tackle sorted, passport photo for the ticket sorted, boots soaking, and car filled with diesel. Then it started raining, and hasn't really stopped since. Was advised not to bother coming on Thursday when the level was around...
  10. Picture Gallery
    A very happy Paul Douglas with the Royalty's first Salmon of the season. Caught on a Posh Tosh from Edwards, the fish measured 32" in length with a predicted weight of 16lb. Great effort Paul and congratulations. I think it may also be the first fish for the Avon this season too.
  11. English Rivers
    Afternoon All, Having lived in the South of England for 4 years now I am looking to try some new salmon venues. I have always headed 'home' and fished more often than not the River Tay. I wouldn't mind giving the Hampshire Avon a go but not sure where to start. Where would the recommendations...
  12. General Board
    Can anyone out there who fishes the Hampshire Avon or indeed any other river which operates a similar scheme enlighten me as to how it works. I understand on the Avon that EA monitors the temperature but how is the cut off imposed. Is there a bye-law or is it operated by the owners/ anglers...
1-12 of 12 Results