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  1. European Rivers
    Nothing special going on at the time, obviously. We have had a more steady Winter than we have seen the last decade, and the snow cover is roughly on average for this time of the year. It has been colder than average the last week, and will be so for some time still. No big deal though, but You...
  2. English Rivers
    A new year, a new thread... 2017 seemed like a mixed year on the Wear, a lot of fish seen but not that many caught (or maybe just not reported on here). The fish counts reflect an average year but as we know fish do pass by it. Hopefully we all have a great year! All the best & tight lines :D
  3. General Board
    As a rule, the experience and the result of fishing are extremely subjective. The opinion of one angler may not be 100% to coincide with the opinion of the other. The longer you catch salmon, the more facts accumulate, more experience, but also the questions become more and more. And to answer...
1-3 of 3 Results