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  1. LTC Auction Lots
    Hi all. The auctions for the forum members flies have now concluded, all the flies have now been sold and paid for. As a reminder here were the flies donated: I'm sure you'll agree, a fantastic set of top quality flies. If I could have bought the whole lot myself I would have :cool: Some...
  2. General Board
    Anyone going along to the auctions at Romsey tomorrow. If so, keep an eye out for the long hair hippie pillock, often found in plumb trousers and flouncy scarfs and say hello to me. Angling Auctions
  3. General Board
    It's been a long time since since all the fly's were kindly donated and there's only been a few auctions, it would be good to know what is happening with the rest of the fly's
  4. General Board
    Hi All, I am off to a 'do' this evening, and one of the lots for auction is a day for 2 on the above. There appears to be very little detail on Fishpal, and I was wondering what sort of value a day's fishing would be? I know at auctions one tends to pay over the odds, but still it would be...
1-4 of 4 Results