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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    why am I being asked to log in every time I go onto the forum? its a right pain and something that I have never had to do previously
  2. General Board
    Unfortunately the B & B owners where I normally stop, have been struck by illness, and not accepting bookings. Could anybody suggest a B&B or reasonably priced accommodation within 30 minutes of Corbridge / Hexham, who are reasonably angler friendly? I think I may have asked this before; but...
  3. Hunting & Shooting
    Worth a thought as a stocking filler - amusing and usueful book for Christmas "How to be asked again" by Rosie Nickerson
  4. General Board
    The Scottish Government has refused to help anglers with their efforts to prevent Pacific Pink Salmon getting a foot hold in the River Dee. A major operation is under way to remove eggs from the spawning redds of Pacific Pink salmon. The River Dee Trust asked for assistance from the SG but a...
  5. Classified Sales
    I also have a Leatherman Skeletool and since they are both guaranteed for 25 years I have no need of the Wave. Comes with nylon sheath. I have snapped the blade and the pliers on my Skeletool and posted it to Leatherman twice, had it replaced twice with no questions asked. No need for receipt...
  6. General Board
    I saw clips of this ridiculous program on the BBC news this morning, what is the world coming to when we put kids under pressure like this for entertainment purposes. One little girl, while being asked her questions burst into tears and asked to leave the stage, I was outraged, what are the...
1-6 of 6 Results