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  1. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce equaliser switch spey (SOLD) 33ft ESSS 7/8 27 grams 425 grains . I've used this line twice and have no breed for's just laying in the garage. There is a very small abrasion on the line (very very smal) which I put a little aquasure over's about 1100 mm from the front...
  2. General Board
    Hi, Anyone of you have any experience of using the "super" adhesive tapes? Like Gorilla tape maybe. I need to redo the seams on the neoprene socks on a pair of waders where the original tapes have come loose. There are no leaks as yet and I don't fancy using Aquasure as if I make a bags of it...
  3. General Board
    Is aquasure an actual adhesive,and would it be suitable for splicing a fly line.jg
  4. General Board
    Has anyone bought the 250 ml tube off aquasure and did it keep well enough in the freezer and not go off ?:confused::confused:
1-4 of 4 Results