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  1. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Looking to set mate up with a outfit for starting off , he’s bought the oracle scandi 12:9 rod looking bit of advice now on a reel and line now , spending around £100 for a reel , any help appreciated thx
  2. General Board
    Anybody got one? who did you get one from and do you need planning permission etc? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. General Board
    I have a spinning reel that rattles when I spin slowly or fast any help much appreciated.
  4. General Board
    Does anybody know of a uk based supplier of regal vises??? Any help appreciated Thanks
  5. General Board
    Where do I find link for licence this river Want fish it mid July Any link appreciated Thanks
  6. General Board
    Hi Guys is there anyone out there that can give me any info on the Dalmellington or Ness Glen angling clubs on Loch Doon .. Been looking online and asking locals at the loch without success , any help would be appreciated JimD
  7. Spinning
    I have received some wooden blanks to make Devon minnows. Can anyone help with advising me the best way to cut the angles to fit the spinning vanes? Is there any sort of jig that anglers use. Any help will be much appreciated. Glyn
  8. Prawn & Shrimp
    Hi wanting to try shrimping, has anyone got any basic rig setup ideas, I’ve had a look through the forum but haven’t came across much. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
  9. General Board
    Lts Valhalla Has anyone used this rod which is supposed to Be a replacement for the very popular X1 range. I would be looking for info.on the 13'6" model for a 9 line. Any help most appreciated.
  10. General Board
    Looking to list a couple of capes on the fly fishing forum but I do not have enough posts in order to sell stuff! Is anybody a member with enough hits? And if so would you be willing to list them for me if I sent photos etc!? All help very much appreciated Cheers NP
  11. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    I'm looking to find out how much this place is to fish per day if its available to? Looks a great bit of water any help would be appreciated Davy
  12. General Board
    Sorry if I missed a more appropriate place to ask but I dont seem to be able to add a sig on my profile, yet I see others with them. Its not a big issue but its annoying me now :D Any help appreciated
  13. General Board
    Hi guys anyone on here be able to make me up a wading staff lanyard , the one that come with it is no good to use ,I’ll Pay so if possible Pm me and I’ll for pic of the staff any help appreciated
  14. General Board
    Hi all, Just booked to fish the home beat at Darnaway in the last week of July. Has anybody fished it? What’s it like? Any hints and tips to help me get the maximum out of the trip. Obviously we will need a bit of help from the heavens ( rain )! All help will be much appreciated Many thanks
  15. River Dee
    Hi all, I’m fishing the River Dee for the first time in the last week of this month, any hints and tips on tackle, fly choice etc. would be greatly appreciated. The excitement and expectations of fishing not just a new beat, but a new river never gets old. Thanks in advance.
  16. General Board
    Gents, Can anybody please help me with the tying materials and where I get them from for the Banana? Any help appreciated! Cheerd
  17. Guideline
    Has anyone had any experience with the NT8 12'9 9/10? Any thoughts on line choice, grain weights, casting style, etc. would be much appreciated. Is this a suitable rod for sunk lines and skagits perhaps?
  18. Fly Tying Topics
    I'm looking for some top quality hen capes/saddles in yellow, orange, red, black and blue.. If someone can point me in the right direction or has some for sale be much appreciated
  19. Hunting & Shooting
    Folks I'm looking for the above pup . I can't get one this side of the water . Any help much appreciated.
1-19 of 63 Results