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  1. General Board
    Hi Just watched Fergal Sharkey rip into the river authorities in England about the amount of sewage they allow into our rivers. What a breath of fresh air he was, no holds, gave it to them good style. He was well dressed, shirt and tie and had all his facts to hand. This ex- pop star could be...
  2. General Board
    Sorry, had a video of a man supporting drone being used for fishing but can't post it.
  3. Skagit Lines
    Anyone tried either of these: Scientific Anglers TC Skagit Floating - 4 Head Multi Tip Scientific Anglers TC Skagit Floating - 4 Head Multi Tip Kit SYNCHRO SKAGIT HEADS FLOATING (and SYNCHRO SKAGIT TIPS) Synchro Skagit Heads Floating - The Fly Fishing Centre I'm so...
  4. General Board
    Can the administrator let me know why I could not answer to Gwelshers sales post ? vBulletin Message sewinfly, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: If you are posting in Classifieds, you may not have permission to advertise yet...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    There was a survey on TV last week , "Which country in the World hates the English most ?" No prizes for the correct answer ,as its so easy
  6. General Board
    Could the Pinemarten sort out febs
  7. General Board
    Anyone got the answer to 13 across? TIA
  8. English Rivers
    Could some one from bishop club please contact me through the forums via inbox please, A friend was fishing for grayling today near page bank i think and was confronted by a club official (i think) nice words were exchanged and questions asked,i may be able to help with the answer........:)
  9. Picture Gallery
    It is with some sense of saddness I post this. All the most industrious graphs in the world from Chris King cannot change what has happened here. I wish I could understand it. Once the most prolific spring beat in Scotland - yes even over Morphie before the **** collapsed. Mows and co I...
  10. European Rivers
    The invite for 1st week of June next year is in my inbox, awaiting a reply & the clock is ticking....... The dilemma :eek: - Should I stay or should I go?? I Had an amazing trip this year, I loved the place & the fishing & the bank balance can just about take it Think I already know the answer...
1-10 of 12 Results