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  1. Fishing Videos
    Did I hear it correctly? 70 fish on the opening day, 12 for 1 angler in 2 days? River Em Opening Days 2020 - YouTube
  2. Picture Gallery
    Scunnered as I am and will continue to be in larger spadefuls until I can get a cast again----------at anything with fins, I had a look through some websites tonight. I came across this recent fish which looks an older fish to me. That's not what interested me though, it was the spat that has...
  3. General Board
    Well, what a difference a week has made, things have progressed even further than even I anticipated. There can be NO ambiguity about the decision on wither to fish in this current 3 week lockdown. BUT, and i,m surprised it happened so soon, I,ve already seen a post on Social media on Thursday...
  4. General Board
    The first fish came off the Thurso this morning from the Gerston Pool on beat 4 weighing 11lb and was caught by a visiting angler. Lovely looking fish going by the picture.
  5. General Board
    well those of you who fish the forth/teith system might like to know that next season Mark's the end of a once glorious fishery the now draconian self imposed rules , make these rivers now less attractive than ever , these rules are over the top and not founded on solid evidence, they...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, thanks for letting me in! I've been an angler for nearly 50 years and a fly angler for 40 but never fly fished for Salmon. The time has come for me to do something about it. I spend a lot of time in North Devon so will be looking to try my luck on the Taw and Torridge mostly. I hope...
  7. River Spey
    Only angler fishing near Grantown on Thursday.
  8. Fishing Videos
    Great video of a lady angler catching salmon in a lovely, clear river - at least some on a dry fly. Gaspe Atlantic Salmon Fly fishing/Peche saumon Atlantique - YouTube
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, Just found this forum while browsing the internet for fly pattern ... Look like a fun place for an angler ;-) See you soon! Sébastien
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Does anyone happen to know why this website has gone down, by any chance, please?
  11. General Board
    Aberlour on the Spey has landed it first fish for 2019. Caught by Scott Mellis a very capable young local angler 7lb on the fly today.Well done that man
  12. Reels
    Anybody got any thoughts on these reels? Need one for an 8# rod and wondered what they were like. Thanks. Fairhope
  13. General Board
    Unfortunately the B & B owners where I normally stop, have been struck by illness, and not accepting bookings. Could anybody suggest a B&B or reasonably priced accommodation within 30 minutes of Corbridge / Hexham, who are reasonably angler friendly? I think I may have asked this before; but...
  14. General Board
    NYLON OR FLUOROCARBON, A ROLE FOR BOTH? For years, nylon or copolymer has been a firm favourite among salmon anglers for leader material when fly fishing. The old-fashioned nylon is reliable, stands up to stress and abrasion well and is also great when it comes to tying knots. In recent years...
  15. General Board
    We are now moving towards the end of April, and more spring salmon are entering our Scottish rivers on a daily basis. Late April and May can be the prime springtime on many of Scotland's rivers. Hopefully, good catches of Spring salmon will be made over the next six weeks, so many anglers have a...
  16. General Board
    It was another week of bitterly cold weather across Scotland, with biting northeasterly winds, frequent snow showers, and very little sunshine. However, conditions have turned milder over the weekend and hopefully, this will be a sign of things to come. This winter seems to have been unrelenting...
  17. General Board
    The humble spoon is probably one of the most successful lures of all time when it comes to spinning for salmon. There are many different types of spoon including the Toby, Salmo Toby and Blair spoon amongst others. These lures are successful throughout the course of the season whether that that...
  18. General Board
    It felt positively spring-like around some parts of Scotland during the early part of last week. This was in stark contrast to a bitterly cold weekend where easterly winds predominated. On Tuesday afternoon some places saw temperatures climb to a balmy fourteen degrees. With all the recent...
  19. General Board
    During the early spring months, often river levels are high. This, of course, is because of the weather conditions. From January through to March, the Scottish weather can be quite unpredictable. Regularly, we get heavy rain, and this can lead to there being high water. In addition to this, if...
  20. General Board
    Easter is now almost upon us. This year, Easter is during the last weekend of March and so is relatively early in the calendar. During most years, the Easter period usually marks the beginning of the prime spring salmon fishing in Scotland. Salmon enter our rivers in ever-increasing numbers at...
1-20 of 131 Results