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  1. General Board
    Have been using these for about three sessions since changing running lines in the hope it would reduce the twists on the running line, that bit worked but I watched my Scandi outbound disappear from out the rod luckily in making an anchor and not in the forward cast or with a fish on. I like...
  2. The Art of Casting
    I am trying to locate a video of the technique for a contrived single spey - in which the line is thrown outwards to the far bank just prior to forming the anchor. Cant seem to google anything at the moment - any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Canadian Rivers
    I'll be visiting family in Vancouver in mid-June, combining it with a trip to the Kenai Peninsula, staying at a friend's in Anchor Point for about 2-3 weeks. He's not a keen fisherman except for a bit of trouting once in a while, so maybe you guys can give me a few pointers. I did a bit of...
1-3 of 3 Results