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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Tied a few more hairwings. I should've used less material for these flies... Hooks #2.
  2. Guideline
    As per title...Not done a huge amount of salmon fishing so looking for recommendations please. Thanks Matt
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Here's my first shot at proper Waddingtons. These are 25 and 35 min shanks. Used heat shrink for hook hold. They are pretty much quartered but the side quarters are slightly darker and longer. I know JC isn't needed but I had some big stuff that wasn't going to get used. I tried a much sparser...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Ross Kemp and The Armed Police...Last night on ITV It was shocking to hear about the amount of illegal firearms there are on the street and the amount that one dealer was bringing into the country weekly (1000-15000) The knee jerk ban on handguns in the UK after Dunblane did no good what so...
  5. Rookies Corner
    Can someone please explain why rods can have 2 different line weights? I thought a rod loaded with x amount of weight, but it appears that longer lines have to be heavier, why is that? Thanks Al
  6. General Board
    A pod of 5 Orcas have been seen in Aberdeen bay for the last couple of weeks, lets hope they have an apatite for the vast amount of seals that are in the area and tell their mates there is a party going on. ythan seals - Google Search
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Like many I have a couple of 'looks' a day at eBay's offerings! What I find really annoys is the vast amount of rubbish which is offered...not just a couple of times, but re-offered it seems 20 or 30 times. The result is that the site becomes more and more clogged up with cr*p. The other...
  8. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Took influence from Mr Lamson for these ones. Not for a minute suggesting they are as good mind:o. But one for the mortals among us;)
1-8 of 8 Results