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  1. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Looking to set mate up with a outfit for starting off , he’s bought the oracle scandi 12:9 rod looking bit of advice now on a reel and line now , spending around £100 for a reel , any help appreciated thx
  2. General Board
    I have a Simms Guide Jacket which is about 15 years old and has just started to leak at the neckline. I noticed the taping has come loose on the inside which accounts for the leak. Is this something that can be repaired as the rest of the jacket is still in great condition. Any advice welcome...
  3. Rookies Corner
    I am new to salmon fishing but had a week on the Findhorn which prompted my Ebay purchases of a Shakespeare Skagit 12'9" 9# and a Loomis NRX 14' 9/10#. The only line I have is the Airflo Rage Shooting Head in 9/10# (the kit comes with 3 x 12’ tips - floating, intermediate and fast sinking). I...
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Looking some advice. I bought a jungle cock cape over the internet in early January. When it arrived I opened it, used it once, didn’t really like the look or smell of it - put it back in its plastic bag and put it away. I don’t know if I left it on the desk at some stage although I probably...
  5. General Board
    So last week I sent two emails, one to Rio and one to Hardy asking for advice on a line weight in grains for a particular Hardy rod. Rio replied from Los Angeles the next day with good advice, but Hardy ... well I'm still waiting. Maybe they are very busy. (I now have the line that suits the rod...
  6. Airflo
    Anybody used this rod? Any advice on lines to suit it
  7. Fly Tying Topics
    Has Sean taken his website down? Just tried google and all I’m getting is some weird American site with advice on setting a spinnning rod up, is it just me?
  8. Rods
    Looking for a new modern rod for pulling wets and tripping t’bob. Mainly for Corrib. Thinking 11’ ,6/7. I currently use an original purple Alltmor 6-8, but it’s a two piece and transportation an issue. I know there are old classic Daiwa’s and B&W’s etc but want a modern, lighter rod. All advice...
  9. General Board
    Hi All Does anyone have any experience with these wader liners for the Aesis and H5 waders? If so can you share any views? I was wondering whether to invest in a pair for my Aesis waders. Thanks for any advice you may care to offer. Happy New Year and Tight Lines in 2020. Tawsalmon
  10. Rookies Corner
    Hey folks. First time poster. Planning a trip for my dad to fish the spey (about time I got him a good Christmas present) . Looking for advice on how to book a gillie/guide. I'd like to give him a go fishing from a boat as he has never done it. Due to funds was thinking one guided day then 2/3...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    It is with regret that I learned yesterday of the death of our fellow member Morse who departed this world last Monday. I met Gordon on a few occasions on the River Spey and always found him there as I did here on the forum, a kindly, modest gentleman, giving with good advice, who loved his...
  12. Tackle Talk
    I would like some advice from the forum with regards to the above, I haven't salmon fished for some years and seem to have lost my way with lines, I have two salmon rods both 15ft, one is a sage and the other a hardy elite I have always used my rio windcutter multi tip for summer fishing and a...
  13. General Board
    What’s the best way of taking multiple rods on airways? Me and a friend are planning a trip to Sweden next year by air and would like to take 2 or 3 rods apiece. Been looking online at big rod tubes and the like but thought I’d ask you guys for any advice? Cheers!
  14. General Board
    Hi I'm looking for some advice on a suitable rod for the overhead salmon distance event. I'm only just dipping my toes into this event and have a lot to learn regarding the technique of casting a DH overhead. Therefore I'd like to practice with something that's not going to hurt the bank balance...
  15. General Board
    Fishing the North Tyne in two weeks any advice would be great
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Hello All Right then, as The Salmon Fishing Forum is a broad Church of people i'm fishing for some advice. I will soon need new running trainers. I do short sprint triathlons, and hope to run a 10km next year. I've been using New Balance 680 and buy them at a reduced rate at end of line sales...
  17. Other Tackle
    Hi folks. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy the blades (probably not the right term) for a Devon minnow? Grateful for any advice. Cheers
  18. Fly Tying Topics
    Well the fishing is so poor at the minute so I'm messing about with some materials I have lying about so decided to give this style of fly ago , I dnt think the wing is sitting high enough so looking sone advice on how to get it sitting higher plz , all criticism welcome
  19. General Board
    I will probably up near Altnaharra early to mid September, and quite fancy having a go on the assoc. water. Has anyone got any advice for this time of year? Is it likely to hold fish this time of year or will they have ran through?
  20. General Board
    Hi, can anyone give me some advice on a line to buy for delicate presentation. I’m currently using an airflo rage which is great for when it’s windy or high water but find it a bit to splashy on the smooth glides when the river is getting low. I’m using a 13ft 8# uniqua. Thanks in advance
1-20 of 113 Results