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  1. Loop
    Recently tried the 13’ and 14’ and wow! Anyone else anything to add?
  2. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Been at the vice this evening tying a few tubes for a mate, first off were a few junctions and next will be a few white willie's .. I might even add a few to my own box :nod: Arnold
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Hi I want to add some pictures onto step by step , but it keeps telling me I do not have permission to do it. How do I get the permission? Thanks. Sorry put this in wrong section.
  4. General Board
    Any one else add a lined cone head to sit on the cast in front of the fly? I have tried it as it adds a bit of weight to a double hook fly size 6/8 and to my eye it looks good in the water. It obviously increases the length and the double articulates behind it. Yet to hook anything other than...
  5. Classified Sales
    Have this jacket that I really don't need anymore. Everything works as it should, all zips are in perfect nick, as are the cuffs and hood. Will add a few pictures later tonight £150 posted UK/Ireland via paypal or bank-t
  6. Picture Gallery
    I can't add images to the rivers thread, so heres a few i took yesterday at Dilston.....
  7. General Board
    Hi, I wanted to post some piccys of todays Tyne, but when i click in the reply box all i get it an option to add a line of there not a window where i can upload them straight from pc?....thanks.
  8. General Board
    Sorry if I missed a more appropriate place to ask but I dont seem to be able to add a sig on my profile, yet I see others with them. Its not a big issue but its annoying me now :D Any help appreciated
  9. Classified Sales
    [/B][/B]For sale and in v.g.c. a 15' vision catapult, bought this a few weeks back along with a airflo airlite v2, no need for 2x15' rods. Looking for £90 on collection or add postage at cost, U.K. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  10. Swap Shop
    Daiwa signature 14ft #10 . 4 sections in superb condition, with bag and tube. Looking for 13ft up to 13ft6, #9 would add cash for the right rod . Cheers Patrick
  11. General Board
    They look a bit like hummingbird moths or giant hover flies the size of bumble bees but whatever, there's a bit of research going on and so if you see one it can be reported here: Bee-fly Watch | Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme A rubbish photo as I just had my iPhone but they look like...
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Got myself a new SDB American hen saddle so thought I’d add to the spring collection. Wife trying to help me present them better! ?
  13. General Board
    Does anyone know where I could get some 'Bass Tapered Leaders'? Whilst trout fishing a couple of weeks ago, I met a chap who uses these leaders. He said they are around 15 foot long & you just cut out the leader length you need & then add about 6 ft of tippet. Apparently he gets them from...
  14. Step by Step
    Hi All, I posted some micro-skating muddler bullets in a post in the general topics.: This is play on a great fly posted by nwsalar in this month's TOTM...
  15. Prawn & Shrimp
    Artificial prawns Bought those fellows for my old man. I think they look great. What do you think? Would applying crab extract to add some smell be beneficial? Tight lines
  16. Northern European Style Patterns
    Danish pattern for salmon and sea trout. Body has a small, heavy cone behind the wing to add weight and lift the wing, so should do well in fast and deep runs.
  17. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Cormorant Watch 2 This link also allows you to add sawbills to the list. Well worth logging your sightings.......
  18. General Board
    Put these on the Nith thread but thought I'd add them here too.
  19. General Board
    Had a sage x up for sale but my add has disappeared
1-20 of 27 Results