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  1. Rod

    General Board
    Hello everyone, Looking at my old rods I asked myself a question can be stupid; the rods lose their quality with age. Is the action modified after significant use? It's really a confined fisherman idea!
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hey Guys, I was after a second hand Loop Evotec Cast Medium Action Fly Rod in 12ft 6 or 7 weight. This is medium action rod with mustard colour blank. Any looking to sell or know of anyone that has one of these rods? Thanks.
  3. Classified Sales
    Lovely classic Abu rod medium action, great floating devon/ Toby rod, excellent condition 120 quid delivered. Pics on ebay
  4. General Board
    This was a rod my grandfather gave me when I was a boy, the first time I used it I broke it! this was the deluxe fast action five piece travel rod :lol::lol:
  5. Classified Sales
    I have the above line which was test cast for 2 mins and thats all the action it has seen. Comes in original packaging. Wanting 65 inc delivery
  6. Classified Sales
    Loomis 15’ Stinger #10/11 in 3 piece with Loomis hard cordura tube. Rod is in excellent unmarked condition, very light in hand for a 15 footer with a nice crisp action. Images will be posted in next day or so. £330 posted in UK.
  7. Hunting & Shooting
    I was wondering why the beasties where not settling...…………..required action...….keep your sleeves rolled down.
  8. Hunting & Shooting
    Countryside Rally 2019 (10:20mins) & Action Against Antis (11:10mins) Please support both if you can.:thumb::thumb: Fieldsports Britain - Charlie goes to China - YouTube
  9. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap my mint 12' Marksman 2t for a Trout outfit in excellent order. Rod must be light and through action........not interested in a fast action rod! Rod length around 9' or 9'6 and rated around 5/7 Anyone fancy a swap? Sorted now, got my hands on a cheap kit
  10. Classified Sales
    Price reduction - LTS Explosive 13ft6 9-10wt 4p yellow 4p Explosive for sale Excellent condition - hardly used tbh. Comes with original cover and tube etc. Wonderful Rod! I can send photos if needed. £380 plus P&P PM me if interested.
  11. Photography - Hints & Tips
    Hi everyone, I am looking for an action camera for fishing. I like the idea of catching that moment of the take. Anyway, i am hoping to get something fairly good quality. I have had a cheap "knock off" go pro but it just didnt film particularly well. So what camera would you recommend? I was...
  12. Others
    Hi! Who knows this rod ??? Action ? price now for second hand? Thank you so much Gérard
  13. Rods
    Anyone have any experience with this blank ?? Saw it on ebay for a decent price and it's listed as "High performance parabolic curve". I'm hoping it's a through action that bends into the butt section. Your comments are much appreciated :) Mike
  14. Airflo
    Anyone know if the 15ft 3pc Airlite Nan-tec blank has the same action as the original Airlite mk1,cheers
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Normally on social media, if you click on a live action button (e.g whilst the myriad of ads are still loading and jumping the page around to encourage accidental clickbait), you can undo that action. it transpires you can't on the current forum software. Proposal: Please amend.
  16. Classified Sales
    I have the above spinning rod for sale, bought at the start of this season it has been used a few times = (14lb+10lb) = but not much , and is in near mint condition, apart from a mark on the black rubber butt were a bit of wire caught it can hardly see it, the action is fast with good...
  17. Classified Sales
    Loop cross sx 560 posted! Selling my loop cross sx 13,2 8 fast action, reason why I'm selling it is because I can't get to grips with the action the rods been used once for four hours so basically still brand new , I'm looking for 560 posted for the rod if anyone is interested give us a message...
  18. General Board
    Been looking to the Loop cross travel rod. I currently have the 13.2, 8 weigh, Travel rod. This is Medium Action, and the rod suits my casting. I am looking at the 14ft 9weight Travel rod. This is described as fast action. Is their a big difference in action between the 13.2 and the 14ft, fast...
  19. Classified Sales
    Not sure why I bought this as it's not a length or weight of rod I ever use. So up for sale is a LTS Superb 9'6" 4 piece 7 weight. Comes with bag and tube. Light and powerful. Mid/tip fast action. Made in the same facility as Hardy, Loop, Salmologic etc.... Will post for £125
  20. Swap Shop
    Although the rod is sold as a 9 weight, it requires a 10 weight to get the rod going. The rod is in very good condition, complete with tube. I have a Hardy 14 marksman traditional 9 weight that I prefer to the scandi action, as am a beginner and prefer more feedback from the rod. I would swap...
1-20 of 33 Results