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  1. General Board
    Was thinking about spending some money on a Go Pro video camera for the odd time when I might have something to take videos of. Anybody out there with any advice on what to get and which accessories work best in an angling environment. I tried a search on SFF but can find nothing. :help:
  2. Rookies Corner
    Hi everybody , In order to start editing Salmon patterns, what do you think is the list of essential mounting materials and accessories needed to make the basics? A + T
  3. Vendor Deals
    Hi all, happy to post for the first time here. Spey Brothers is a Scandinavian Fly Fishing apparel and accessories company. We concentrate on salmon&seatrout fishing only. We published a book called "Top Salmon Flies" year and half ago and now our focus has been on apparel and accessories...
  4. Rod Building
    Has anyone tried installing DIY truck accessories meant for fishing? I've found this one on Youtube
1-4 of 4 Results