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  1. Classified Sales
    I have a couple of boxed selections of Devon's They come with mounts and first class postage Mini floating selection are 1.5" wooden Sinking selection are moulded and around 2/2.5" Price is £12.50 each box or £22.50 for both. I also have a selection of Abu Garcia Tobie's and flying c in heavier...
  2. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got an Abu hot smoker that they don't want? Looking for the small black enamelled one with one burner. Must be in excellent condition.
  3. Reels
    Hi, I need some advice. I have Abu (not abu garcia, but the old abu) ambassadeur 5000 and 6000. I use them most for coastal sea trout fishing, but sometimes use the 6000 for salmon, but it feels a bit too weak. What would you consider the equivalent model and size from other makers? Okuma...
  4. Classified Sales
    A wee selection of stuff I'll not be using. Don't think any of them have seen water. 1x silver salmo 3x silver/gold salmo 1x copper salmo 1x smaller Toby (not Abu) 2x payo aegis 110 sunset orange (German flag) 1x wee red Devon 1x kynock pink small All come in an Abu spinner box. Looking for...
  5. General Board
    Did a fair bit of beachcasting years ago and became fairly proficient using multipliers, usually an Abu 7000 or a Daiwa millionaire, an Abu 6500 copy. Bought a new Abu 6501 a couple of years ago, only used it for a couple of boat trips so far so it's pretty much 'out of the box'. Being left hand...
  6. Classified Sales
    Lovely classic Abu rod medium action, great floating devon/ Toby rod, excellent condition 120 quid delivered. Pics on ebay
  7. Spinning
    Looking for advise on a multi for worming/Devon work, picked up one of those 13ft whiskers on offer from gac last year so a reel to match that. Most of the abu reels I see for sale have those daft big handles, ideally I'd like one with the smaller double handle.
  8. Classified Wanted
    Just putting the feelers out there for an Abu ambassadeur 6000c black version .RH wind. Wondering if anyone off loading one at all. Looking at other sites to. Cheers Spencer.............
  9. General Board
    Had a problem with my Abu Cardinal 157 that was jamming on the downstroke. So sent them off to Martin Stone who repairs a lot of Abu reels. Sent on Monday back on Friday what fantastic service ,don't know the guy at all but will be sending off my 2 x 55's for a service ready for next year. He...
  10. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling the following Mepps & most of them are new but have sat in my spinner box. 15 in Total. 8 x Aglia Mepps Size 4 (Silver) 9g 2 x Aglia Mepps Size 4 (Copper) 9g 1 x Aglia Mepps Size 5 Body, Size 4 Blade (Gold) 2 x Abu Garcia Fast Attack (Copper) 10g 2 x Abu Garcia Droppen...
  11. Vintage Fishing Tackle Classifieds
    Used but not abused nice Swedish made Abu Fly reel. Looking for £55 posted or very nearest offer
  12. Classified Sales
    Just having a clear out and found this ABU 5500C mag elite ,must have been sitting in a tackle bag for 15 years used a few time ,but looks like new £55.00 including UK postage
  13. Spinning
    I've recently acquired an Abu 6501 multi and noticed it puts slightly more line on one side of the spool than the other. Is there anything that can be done to correct this, (apart from removing the level wind)! It doesn't say anything in the manual.
  14. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Myran 5 Compartment Box with Abu Toby's & Devons. The Toby's & Devons are all Brand New. 5 Compartment Myran Box 6 x 28g Abu Toby's 2 x Gordon Griffiths Weighted 2 1/2" Devons 7 x Very High Quality Wooden Copper Lined Devons 2 1/2" with Mounts £30 Delivered Now SOLD...
  15. Classified Sales
    Hi, I am Selling some of my Salmon Spiners which are mostly used but some are new. 22 in Total Abu Tobies, Abu Koster, Blair Spoons, Tobies & other Lures. £20 Delivered Now SOLD. Many Thanks,:)
  16. Classified Sales
    Abu baitcasting reel in box excellent condition £30 plus postage sold
  17. Classified Sales
    Time for a wee clear out ABU 506 grayling closed face reel needs new line release spring hence £30 Posted. ABU 5500c original swedish high speed model shows a few scrapes from being used but over 30 years old and is still in a usable condition. Looking for £40 posted solddd Hardy Zenith...
  18. Classified Sales
    Tackle surplus to requirements ABU and Hardy Time for a wee clear out ABU 506 grayling closed face reel needs new line release spring hence £30 Posted. ABU 5500c original swedish high speed model shows a few scrapes from being used but over 30 years old and is still in a usable...
  19. Classified Sales
    A nice wee grayling reel.needs a new line release spring Comes with spare spool in abu box. Classic wee reel £30 posted.
  20. Classified Sales
    Set of used tobies and new hooks. 2x silver abu toby sweden 28g 1x copper abu toby sweden 12g with card 1x silver abu toby sweden 12g 1x silver abu toby sweden 7g 1x copper abu garcia toby 7g 1x silver/ red abu garcia toby 10g 1x silver abu garcia toby 12g 1x hook sharpener 5x Owner treble...
1-20 of 28 Results