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  1. General Board
    Lo all, Hope the turkey & Xmas pud sweats have abated.. Quick question, I need to fill 3 x Danielsson H5D 11fourteen spools with backing and have been considering using 40 or 50lbs Power Pro. Reason for the 40/50 lbs breaking strain is I'm looking ahead somewhat and may consider a Norway...
  2. General Board
    Could somebody recomend and comment on backing and running line for big salmon ? (targeting 30lbs plus). Backing capacity should be about 200yards/reel, plus running line in 50lbs and shooting heads. could somebody comment on the new PE Backing from Guideline? I am interested if there are any...
  3. Classified Sales
    Airflo ridge running line 50lbs, Grey, floating, spooled and boxed only used a couple of times SOLD Cheers Steve
  4. Classified Sales
    Used for 3 days - back in the box as I didn't like it. SOLD
1-4 of 4 Results