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  1. Classified Wanted
    36g head hover or intermediate Looking for 36g hover or intermediate head:help:
  2. Classified Sales
    As per title and picture, Gaelforce ETD 8/9 36g FHI Triple Density head for sale. Bought and tried once, but prefer my Zpey Compact heads. £45 postage included
  3. Classified Sales
    Scierra HM V2 shooting heads I have a set of heads from the Henrick's Scierra days. They have only been test cast, there are 3x 36g heads and 2x 34g heads. The 36g are in float, float/S1 and S2/S3, the 34d are in float/S1 and S2/S3. There is also a running line and some tips. Offers for the lot...
1-4 of 4 Results