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  1. Rods
    Wanted RB MIESER fly rod 15ft 9/10/11 Hi I am looking for A (R.B.MiESER 15FT. 9/10 -- 11. I have a.. (Bruce walker powerlite Spey caster delux ) 14ft ft and a hardy ( SIRRUS 15ft nearly brand new ) and a (15ft hardy gem mk 2 ) will swap with cash or I will just buy cash...
  2. Classified Sales
    Hi I’m selling my lovely sage method 10150-4 Bought last year and fished with for a couple months in the spring. Rod, tube and bag are all in first class condition. Only Selling as I prefer the action of my 15ft loop and no need for 2 15ft rods. I’m looking for £520 posted uk. Cheers
  3. General Board
    Anyone in the market for a new Shakespeare Oracle Spey 15Ft #10 Fishing Republic have 2 for £71.99 with free delivery.
  4. Classified Sales
    Sage Igniter 15Ft 10/11 Latest flagship model Purchased from Sportfish for £1100 5 months ago. Only been used half a dozen times. Superb condition. Rod Tube & Bag £600-00 Posted via parcel force.
  5. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got any of these the're looking to sell Thanks....
  6. Classified Sales
    For Sale Mint condition never been cast Loop Cross S1 Custom Build by RJ Custom Rods. 15ft #10, Alps reel seat with Fuji rings. Asking for £450 posted UK.
  7. Swap Shop
    loop cross s1 15ft salmon rod 3m blank, now sold .
  8. Classified Sales
    Hi Guys, Selling due to never using this set-up. Nowadays getting quite thin on the ground especially with all of the matched lines new, IDEALLY prefer sell together as bought for use together. Hardy Swift MK11 15ft #10 - only used a handful of times and in excellent condition. In cordura tube...
  9. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap fantastic condition rarely used 15 ft sage one for a rod around same size & quality
  10. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a rod for shooting heads around 15ft , as a back up so not too expensive thanks
  11. Ebay Bargains
    Hardy zephrus 15ft 10/11 weight and a hardy sds10000 loaded with a rio skagit max shooting head and tip kit, asking for 900 very good price for this outfit
  12. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got a V3 LPXe in 12ft 8/9 they wish to part with? Cash or swap for 15ft LPXe V3 available
  13. Others
    Has anyone had a go with these yet - saw them in store the other day 14ft and 15ft 5 piece rods look pretty slick, wondering how they cast?
  14. General Board
    Does anyone have any advice on what weight (grms or grains) is best for the Grey's Xfs2 S 15ft #10 Morphfly
  15. Classified Sales
    15ft scott mackenzie 10/11 throw in some lines aswell £120 posted
  16. Classified Sales
    Nice Chinese fly reel with Rio windcutter 8/9/10 plus 3 15ft tips. Looking for £75 posted UK. Very light scratches no proper gravel rash Well looked after with great drag
  17. General Board
    I have had some experience recently as has a friend, where a retailer has actively tried to discourage someone from buying a 15ft rod even though they were interested in buying one and experienced enough to know what they wanted. In my case it just meant I didn't buy a rod from the shop and went...
  18. Classified Wanted
    Hi All, Friend of mine looking for a 15ft rod (Loop, Hardy, Guideline) and I'm happy to try source one on here on his behalf. His budget is around £300 posted so if you have something to offer please drop me a PM. Thanks, Kenny
  19. Classified Sales
    New greys gr50 10/11 £112 posted. Was £279
1-19 of 61 Results