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    Default Custom worm hooks

    I was talking to a fella who makes his own hooks for salmon fishing, he basically takes an ultrsharp hook and snips the eye off and then ties the line halfway down the hook, he then binds the knot with very fine elastic and paints it, does anyone know which knot would be used on the shaft of the hook?

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    I suspect its a " Spade End" knot.......Sea Fishers and others use or did

    use Spade End hooks, I recall my grandfather over 50 years ago having

    boxes of Spade End hooks for sea fishing ......Haddock and Hake etc...

    this You Tube video may help....

    I would again suspect the end of the nipped hook is flattened a bit to act

    as a shoulder or " Spade End" and give the knot something to abut..
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