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    Default 3 Way swivel Vs. Sliding swivel worming

    Hi all, wondering what your thoughts are on the differences on using these set ups, is one better than the other? Do you use these for different conditions?

    Ive seen a lot of people using a 3 way to attach weights to the rig (whatever the weight may be, betties, blutac, pencil weights, rubber balls etc..) does this method give you more control and feel to the weight?

    Vs. the sliding swivel (with the weight on) on the main line above another swivel to a leader. Iíve heard people say that the advantage is that when the salmon takes, it doesnít feel the resistance of the weight and doesnít spit the worm - how much of a factor is that when worming?

    Many thanks

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    The lead has to slide or the fish will usually drop it with the resistance.

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