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Thread: Wye 2019

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    If you have facebook you will be able to read this, if not let me know and i'll post it on here along with the SNR notes (stocking).

    Dear [member],

    An update on progress of... - Wye Salmon Association | Facebook
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassy_Knollington View Post
    Re the Irfon, I agree totally. Activities like this have to be continued or any benefits disappear quickly. Like I said, pissing in the wind. However, the money wasnít given to prevent any acid events on the irfon ever. Look at the targets and Ďoutputsí and thatís what they proposed, got funded for and delivered. What impact did that have on rod catches? Probably none.

    Was there a rearing project? I donít think thatís ever been mentioned before😂. IMHO that was doomed by NRW regardless of what WUF said or did. Pretty poor behaviour and a silly way to alienate people I would agree. However looking at the one-eyed, dictatorial NRW way of working since then, it was never going to go any other way.

    As Iíve said before, if it were up to me Iíd let you all crack on. Iíve no idea why you waste so much time and energy digging at WUF. Theyíve got no cash to spend, no statutory duty and they are ignoring you anyway.

    Barring significant changes in the area and in farming particularly; WUF Havenít got a cat in hells chance of restoring catches on the Wye and neither has anyone else. There may be good years and bad years, but itís not going to be 1950 again, itís not even going to be 1985.

    The river still offers a small chance of a magical springer and thatís testament to the resilience of the Salmon more than anything else.
    We may as well all pack it in then. I for one am fed up with all the claims and counter claims. Many of us have known for years there is no measurable improvement following WUFs work
    and the hardline, bigoted stance by NRW though they have been bosom buddies for many years. They still scratch each others backs with the personell of both NRW Technical officer and WUF in situ for twenty years or so now. Good luck with your Wye springer Grassy -its given me plenty and I no longer have the heart to carry on and prefer to remember it how it was.
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    Snowfall in some higher areas of the catchment yesterday and a very heavy leaf fall following the hard frost. River will be full of these as was the lower river below Hereford the last couple of days when a huge debris stack collected above the Wye bridge following the recent floods was cut away and released with a huge amount of large and small debris set free to continue downstream. With levels dropping well on the upper river could/should be some signs of early spawning perhaps.

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