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    Default Call all Vision GT4 Catapult owners

    What's your opinion on them especially the 13 foot ltd edition ones

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    i have the 14' and to be honest the best rod i have used for the price and have no intention of buying any other it does what it says perfect for shooting heads, spey lines etc love it

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    I have the 15' and I'm on the look out for another one. (should give you an idea as to what I think of them )
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    I have the 15' and love it. Had it for about 6 seasons now and still going strong. Loves shooting heads and Spey lines.

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    The LTD in 13 and 15 are the same rod just 100 more but black
    stockport ff got a 13
    fawccetts got a 15

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    Hi all- as Dexter says IMOP,

    I have the GT4 Catapult 13' #9 @31g.

    When I bought the rod I was advised to use a #9/10. I thought that may have been a little too heavy a line for me (not the rod), popped a #8/9 afs floating on the rod with a 10' poly leader, 4' tippet and it shoots the line great.

    After that went down to the afs floater #7/8, shoots that line out nice also with a gentle lay on the water.

    I am back using the #8/9 afs, but will go back to the #7/8 in the summer.

    I bought the GT4 and also the Hardy Marksman T2 14' #9 at the same time. I still have not had the marksman out of the tube yet and that would be nearly three months ago.

    Very happy with the GT4, landed a nice cock salmon of twelve and a half pounds last week. Out on the river tomorrow to see about catching one for the pan this time.

    May even consider selling the Marksman and buying another GT4 but in the 14'-but won't know until I get around to trying the Marksman next season or maybe this winter when practising on the river.

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    Default Gt4

    Before i give you my opinion this is no intended to put you off but more just what I personally think.
    I've had loads of different rods and simply find my fast action Le Cie and lpxe rods better to cast.
    Could be simply a personal thing but to me they are faster on recovery and bend a little deeper into the butt which i find more enjoyable.
    I also have a Scierra HMS Vii in 14' 3" that casts sweeter than the pult for me.
    Saying that the pults are great rods for the money.



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    I've got a GT4 Catapult 14' #10. Teamed it with the AFS ST 8/9 and 10' polyleaders. It's my favourite shooting head rod.

    As said, the limited series are the same rods painted and with more expensive components (eyes, reel holder, cork).

    The Nite Catapult and the GT4 Catapult are entirely different rods.

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    I have 15ft gt4 catapult awesome with afs 10/11 great with ddc tips cut to weigh38grammes good with angling active line but recently bought a mackenzie 10/11 g2 multi tip(thourghly recomend as a line for tip work now thinking about a longer headed one from mr mackenzie) love it great combination great line
    I also have an 11ft 6" d/hand gt4 catapult with a 9/10 ddc tips cut right back to 26g use 30lb ridge running line to help the head in flight as it was us with nylon and wasnt very stable in the air but sound now, Scanny gave us an easy start from guideline to try that weighd 29 grams and it worked as well ,looking to get a full switch type line of some sort now,didnt set up for distance but comfortably get just over 20m from rod tip more if you want but it does me for what i want
    have tried a 14ft and a 13ft gt4 catapults and found they were excellent

    I used to like the le cie 14ft 8" fast until i tried the gt4 catapults
    another rod for the heads i have 13 ft 8" instinct with 9/10 afs but put a reel size lower on it just felt 10/11loop reels were to heavy so an 8eleven loop on it dont know if the handle helps doesnt bother me but its a great blank/rod easy to use and fish all day day after day
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    Default Catapult

    Happy enough with the action of the 13 ft cat but the green coating is peeling quite badly,the rod is about 5 years old. Anyone else got the same problem?

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