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    Default Trolling

    I am going to do some trolling this year and need advise on what tackle.
    I will be fishing on Faskally and Loch Tay mostly but probably on Loch Lomond as well.
    I have two Daiwa trolling reels and was wondering what kind of line to put on them?
    I have been told to use 25 lbs mono but that seems very heavy.
    Also does the colour matter as most lines I have seen in this breaking strain are brown

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    Think you may need to post this in a different section to get answers. Possibly change the title so folk don't think it's about Internet trolling Trolling

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    Load it up with backing like a fly reel + 100yds of 22-25 lb nylon, bb swivel and 6 of 15lb maxima to your lure

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    It really depends on what 'baits' you intend to troll and to what depth? Braid will get diving plugs to run deeper and potentially hook up better than mono. Personally I use 8x J Braid on multipliers, down to a bb swivel and 4 ft leader of 18lb maxima. Long rods (11ft MacMartins for me) on good solid rod rests and a proper understanding of the use of the sonar are high on the list of necessities. That and a very good boat partner to while away the hours with!

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    Long rods (Salmon Fly even) and fly reels loaded with Dacron. Good Quality B/B swivel then 4 feet of 20lb Maxima and then your lure. I would normally fish 2 x long rods out the sides then a short poker spinning rod out the middle. Rods out the sides i would fish floating Rapalas around the F9/F11 , Black & Gold or Blue & Silver. Having these lures floating will help you should you have to stop the engine or make a odd turn as they will just come to the surface. The poker rod i would have a toby on this (Make sure double rings) Most lochs will have known hot spots/bays and these may be features on the bottom where salmon tend to lie and sometimes these will be deeper down so local experts will know to change & go deeper with Rapalas with bigger vains etc if the fish are lying deeper around features. It is a great skill to be able to get to know a water and be able to winkle fish out of it on the trawl. Trout will keep you busy on the black & gold Rapala also.

    One thing to get right is how you are going to set the hooks during a take ? Most will use a lead weight which the Dacron sits under and when a fish takes will set the hook and then lift the lead weight before taking line off the reel. Get your other lines in before playing the fish !!!!!!

    I am no expert on this but have spent many days in the boat with great boat fishers. You will be looking to fish and hug the shoreline or features using your fishfinder display and you want a wave on the water also as fish become more confident coming to a lure in wave conditions. You really need someone in the boat with you at the start until you know the water and get to a point where you are making good trawls without hooking the bottom or getting tangled up when weaving in and out of the shore line. Have been in a few boats that had Ballast water drums in to keep them steady in a decent wave.

    Priority is you and your passengers safety when out on the water so good luck and i apologize if i have just spouted basic stuff you already knew. One thing i would recommend is to book a day or 2 with loch tay fish n trips and see how it is done and get a feel for how he handles the rigs and steers the boat. A day or 2 picking an experts brains is worth 20-40 days spent on your own finding out stuff when it is too late or has cost you a fish.

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    Default has an article about trolling which is worth a look

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    My very limited experience of salmon trolling amounted to using a long slim fly, long leader and clear inter fly line so that that the fly fishes within the top foot of water. Fly (or lure) far behind the boat, quiet electric motor going about 2-3kts with accelerations/S-curves to make flies change speed. Best results were in half light light or overcast with a wave, when moving past holding areas, edges and shoals. I had lots of plucks and nips, but when a fish properly took it bent the rod over and hooked itself.

    The experience was greatly improved by good whisky and good craic

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