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    Default A look inside aquacultures

    Nothing new, still enough to make you sick...

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    This should be compulsory viewing for politicians, supermarket buyers and those consumers that continue to see the produce of these execrable operations as a good thing.
    The ignorant would certainly be educated and the complicit should be shamed.

    It is deplorable that governments continue to endorse activities with such appalling consequences including effects on living organisms not yet fully understood by science.

    It is even more deplorable that individuals in commerce and government have not been held to account for what amounts to negligent and reckless perpetuation of these practices without full comprehension of the effects of their actions and authorisations.

    Perhaps links to this clip should be sent to MSP`s, campaigning celebrity chefs like H F-W and the BBC which recently dipped a toe into the murky waters of salmon farming? It speaks volumes for the current state of society and governance that a chef (take a bow H) and the telly were successful in changing EU fishing policy speedily when elected (and unelected!) politicians had instituted then ignored an unsustainable wasteful practice for years.

    They may say it isn`t like that here -but is it not? how do we know? would we ever get to know?
    The world is a small place with many species and currents moving many thousands of miles - there should not be any place on it for poorly controlled and only partially understood practices such as this.

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