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    Default Jock Scott 2/0 streamer

    Wasnt sure where to put this one, its a classic pattern, adapted to a long hook.

    A Davie McPhail fly featured on Streamers365 last year. I tied it back then too, about 9 months ago, but had cause to tie it again today.

    Hook is a 2/0 partridge effort.
    Everything is per the pattern, except i used pintail for the throat instead of teal.

    Tag: Flat silver tinsel
    Rear Collar: Yellow hackle wrapped (yellow macaw used here)
    Butt: Black ostrich herl
    Body: 2 equal sections of black and yellow floss
    Rib: Flat silver tinsel
    Collar: Black hackle
    Belly: White bucktail and a golden pheasant crest sweeping upwards
    Wing: Yellow hackle flanked by red flanked by blue hackle flanked by a slip of bustard
    Topping: Peacock herl and golden pheasant crest
    Throat: Teal
    Cheek: Kingfisher
    Eye: Jungle cock
    Horns: Macaw
    Head: Black

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    Great fly and exceptionally well tied!

    I also seen this fly tied by Mr Mcphail and really liked it.

    I have some Carrie Steven hooks I've never used and you may just have given me the motivation to have a go at it.

    Look forward to seeing some more of these,


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