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View Poll Results: TOTM - February 2012 - Poll Open for Voting

56. This poll is closed
  • 1. Ade - PM Dee Feeler

    3 5.36%
  • 2. Ubbi - Rune's Fly

    9 16.07%
  • 3. Dr. Burke - Angoran Highlander (Green)

    2 3.57%
  • 4. Pendejo - Greenlander Variant

    3 5.36%
  • 5. Bucktail Bob - Hairy Willie

    11 19.64%
  • 6. Bothy Cat - WG Snaelda Conehead

    3 5.36%
  • 7. - Blue Charm

    1 1.79%
  • 8. Iolar - Wade´s Arctic Shrimp Green Variant

    0 0%
  • 9. Fly-Tom - Dee Intruder

    4 7.14%
  • 10. OZ - Amber Storm

    5 8.93%
  • 11. Easky - Green Highlander Flamethrower

    7 12.50%
  • 12. Borre - Orange Shrimp

    0 0%
  • 13. Ballingall512 - Garry Flamethrower

    8 14.29%
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    Default TOTM - February 2012 - Open for Entries

    The TOTM - February 2012 is open now for new entries, so for those who are new to the competition, the rules are as set out below.

    1. Entry is open to all forum members, and entries must be recieved / posted up in this section by the last day of the month of the competition.

    2. Each month will have a new thread into which a single photograph of two identical flies must be shown, the setting, the background and angle of shot will be to the entrant's choice of how best to display their tie.

    3. The fly pattern is to the entrant's choice and can be built up with any recognised and / or innovative materials.

    4. A text description of the fly's build up is to be posted along with the photograph, detailing materials used, eg. Wing, Tail, Tag, Ribbing, Hook size and style, Front Body / Rear Body etc. The fly must also be given a name if of an innovative design, and obviously, its current name if copying an older, recognised pattern.

    5. Forum members will vote by poll for the winning tie each month and in the event of a tie-breaker, Admin will have the casting vote.

    6. Following submission of entries by the last day of the month, voting will last for 2 weeks and the votes will be closed and counted on or around the 14th of each month, (allowing for a day or two admin time), with details of the winner posted.

    In a nutshell, a photograph showing two of the tied pattern, with a fly description is all that's required to be posted by the competition end date.


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    Default PM Dee Feeler

    I'll throw this brace in for starters. They'll be getting a wet very shortly.

    Tube: 1" Copper Slipstream (Veniards)
    Feelers: Yellow (Helmsdale Tackle Co)
    Body: Pearl Mylar Piping (Medium) tied down at rear with Fire Orange Uni 6/0
    Over Wing: Black Bucktail and couple strands Silver Krystal Flash
    Under Wing: Yellow Bucktail and couple strands Yellow Micro Flash
    Cheeks: JC

    Simple, but I hope effective


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    Default Rune's fly

    Hi guys, Last summer i spent a day fishing a pool in a norvegian river with a local guy , his name was Rune , he was a very nice person and after have drunk some good gin tonic together he showed me his fly and said that fishing a pool with the river that runs inside the wood , a good fly should have some of the wood colours. May be only a case but that day Rune was the only guy who caught a salmon on that pool . I tried to remember his fly , for sure the result is not the same but in some way this fly looks like his

    the recipe

    Veniard 20mm plastic tube with a cone head hidden
    Veniard tube extension fluo green
    thread 8\0 black
    tag chartreuse silk
    tail chartreuse gliss fibers
    body dubbing fine flash gold olive
    body hackle light green cock
    wing 1 yellow artic fox
    3\4 strands angelina gold
    wing 2 green chartreuse artic fox
    3\4 strands angelina chartreuse
    wing 3 hot horange artic fox
    2 strands lureflash red-copper-gold multicolour
    wing 4 moss-olive artic fox
    wing 5 black racoon with 2 herls of peacock
    hackle 1 yellow shlappen
    hackle 2 highlander green Metz soft hackle
    hackle 3 gold shlappen
    to avoid to overdress the fly only 1\4 of the total length of the hackle per colour
    cheeks j\c

    good luck to all the entrants of February TOTM

    Last edited by ubbi; 15-02-2012 at 10:11 PM.

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    That is an amazing fly, ubbi.
    Good job, and good luck with it.


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    Thank you Borre, i really appreciate your feedback


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    Hi Ade

    I really like the tying comps especially when I see great fishing flies that you wouldn't be able to buy from a shop. I really like that fly you tied there. Good luck with fishing with it and best of luck in the comp.


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    Thanks NS

    They are certainly for fishing, not mainly for show as my photography and tying skills are not as well honed as some folk on here. I posted these as I wanted to share the mylar experience and thought the photo from my iPhone wasn't too shabby and showed the mylar off OK.

    One thing is, I tied black thread under the mylar, but if you use any other colour thread you get an entirely different sheen, could have the same striking effect in different water colours, riverbed colours and lighting. I like the stuff

    I have a very competent bro that's gonna wang one of these out on the Dee tomorrow, if he scores I will let you know.



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    Well I haven't submitted anything in these comps since the changeover a few months back. I tied these up a week ago and thought they turned out OK. I was trying to make a married wing style fly out of zonker strips. It didn't turn out quite the way I expected but I think it'll fish. Some fantastic flies on here lately.

    Hook - Alec Jackson 1.5 bronze
    Tail - GP crest
    Butt - Black ostrich
    Body - gold holographic tinsel
    Rib - silver oval tinsel
    Wing - chart. Angora goat dubbing, fl yellow rabbit zonker, highlander green angora goat dubbing, tri-dyed green zonker longer than 1st, highlander green angora goat dubbing, black schlappen then black zonker (longest)
    Eyes - JC

    Sorry for the pics if they're a weird size I did all this on my phone.
    Andy G
    Last edited by Dr. Burke; 16-02-2012 at 12:54 AM.

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    Ade: very interesting looking flies...... I like feelers

    Ubbi: these are absolutely stunning........perfectly tied, perfect shape and beautiful picture.

    Good luck to both of you!

    Dr. Burks pictures are for some reason not showing up on my PC


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    Default Greenlander Variant

    Here are a couple of Greenlander variants. Good luck to all who enter this month.

    Hook: Silver salar
    Thread: White unithread 8/0
    Tag: Oval silver tinsel
    Tail: GP crest feather
    Rear body: Yellow holographic flat tinsel
    Front Body: Caddis green ice dub
    Rib: Oval silver tinsel
    Hackle: Silver badger
    Wing: Green squirrel under black squirrel
    Cheeks: Jungle cock
    Head: Chartreuse Danville Flymaster Plus 140

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