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Poll: Tie of the Month March: An apostle of Ireland

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    Quote Originally Posted by angleronnie View Post
    What and when was the fuss?and How was the fly involved?
    I have found a similar fly the Wilkinson shrimp to be successful on the Ridge pool and Cathedral
    I'm intrigued as to the fuss as I regularly have fished there.
    Its mentioned in a couple of books including Peter O'Reilly's Flies of Ireland and Chris Mann's and Robert Gillespies book Shrimp & Spey Flies for Salmon & Steelhead. Two fishermen killed 45 spring salmon between them in a day on the Ridge pool in May using this fly according to reports. Even back then this caused a fuss when the local Regional Fisheries Board used the pictures on the front of a leaflet promoting the tidal beats. You have to put it in context though, the same fisheries board earned revenue from operating nets between the bridges in Ballina, what is now the Cathedral Beat. The netting was ceased around this time.
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    Agivey Wye bug no1 is my entry for this month competition. Personally like the look of Irish shrimp flies tyed on treble hooks, dubbed body and jungle cock. My 1st fly caught salmon was on this pattern also

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    Lemon Shrimp.

    Hook Kamasan B380 size 10.
    Tag- medium oval silver.
    Tail/Feelers- GP breast feather with two strands of silver flash.
    Rear body - yellow seal's fur ribbed with oval tinsel small.
    Middle hackle- yellow cock.
    Front body- black seal's fur ribbed with oval tinsel small.
    Eyes- JC.
    Front hackle- Silver badger cock hackle.
    Head- Red.

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    Logan got my vote, cracking fly, especially for such a young ‘un👍
    “Oh! You are the people ruining the rivers and environment.”
    Prince Philip, to Scottish fish farm employees at Holyrood, 1999

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