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    Default Speybrothers Tie of the Month 2019 - Winners

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the conclusion of the Speybrothers Tie of the Month 2019.

    We have had a great year with more flies, more votes, more views and more likes than ever before. Many thanks to all who participated, voted, viewed or helped out with the Speybrothers TOTM 2019.

    I would like to thanks Teemu from Speybrothers up front for his excellent support. Cheers Teemu and tight lines for next season.

    The overall standings are

    First Place: Our overall winner, accumulating the most points over 11 separate votes is PerryPoker! Well done PP, 78 points is excellent. PP was incredibly consistent, finishing in the top 3 places 9 times out of 11, winning one competition and coming second an incredible 6 times! Well done PP, a worthy winner from a TOTM stalwart. For his excellence, he wins a copy of the Speybrothers book 'Top Salmon Flies Volume 2' and a neat wee Speybrothers fly box.

    Second Place: In second, the winner of the Fly of the Year Poll and one of the most liked tyers on the forum, we have Jockiescott! Well done JS, it's been great to see him back on the forum and submitting such high quality entries to TOTM. While we will all be drawn to his Peacock Cascade variant that won FOTY, I would encourage everyone to look at the quality of his September winner. Neat as a button and a real fish catcher for sure. Jockie has a style that we would all recognise if we anonymised the pictures. Jockie wins ins a copy of the Speybrothers book 'Top Salmon Flies Volume 2'. I know he will enjoy reading it and I'm sure we'll see some cracking versions of the book patterns, on the forum over the next year.

    Third Place: In Third Place we have Andrzej. Very very well done Andrzej on an outstanding result from one of our best tyers. Without sounding patronising, I have to point out the very impressive development in Andrzej's skills over the last 12-18 months. Anyone who can turn out a Silver Doctor of that standard has my respect and that fly was the second most voted for in TOTM 2019, with 15 votes. Andrzej wins a neat wee Speybrothers fly box, a couple of the nicest commercial flies I've seen and the respect of us all.

    Best Newcomer: I've been tracking ianmortimer and mattytree as our newcomers this year and they have both raised their game throughout the year. I think Iain's trout fly tying experience counted in the end and he finished in 10th place overall and is our best newcomer. Well done gentlemen. Iain wins a Speybrothers fly box and another couple of great flies.

    Fly of the Year: By now we all know that Jockiescott triumphed in a hotly contested and very well supported FOTY competition. Jockie will be the very happy recipient of a lovely drop of Fettercairn Highland single malt. Well done again JS!

    Sponsors: I have to pass on my thanks to Teemu from Speybrothers. He has been excellent as the first sponsor of TOTM and the prizes are spot on, not too much to give away and just enough to represent a real 'well done' to the participants. He posted all the prizes out to me and the book is of outstanding quality, I've got the first volume and I'll be buying this one for sure. I would encourage anyone who is keen on fly tying to take a good look at the site and have a scan through the book. There will be a Kindle edition for those more technologically minded members.

    Speybrothers Top Salmon Flies Volume 2

    This is a real treasure trove for the fly tyer and shows some great patterns from around the world.




    Speybrothers fly boxes & flies

    Really neat boxes and the same style of foam as my C&F box. The flies are top notch commercial flies.


    Scores on the Doors:

    As you will know I'm a bit of a sad sack when it comes to numbers, so here's the top of the table from the Speybrothers Tie of the Month Competition 2019. Unfortunately, I'm also tight and 'libre Calc' really doesn't have quite the same formatting qualities as Excel. Anyway, here's the table:


    Note: Tyers with more than one fly in FOTY only accrued 1 score for their fly, e.g. Jockiescott scored 10 points for winning with his November entry but did not receive another 4 points for his September entry.

    Some highlights from the table:

    - The top 8 were the only tyers who entered all the competitions (not including TOTY).
    - Both of our previous winners finished in the top seven
    - If Starburst Shrimp entered more competitions and maintained his average points per entry he would be pushing for 3rd place.
    - Last year's winner, Dr PatrickT finished 3rd an incredible 5 times!
    - 2017's winner nwsalar came in 6th and managed a comfortable win in the 'Black and Yellow' competition
    - AlanT managed 2 wins and just missed out on a podium finish, unlucky Alan
    - Jockiescott won 3 events but was beaten to pole position by the more consistent PerryPoker, this year it was the number of top 3 finishes that made the difference.
    - It's worth pointing out that Jockie would have finished in joint second place with 66 points even if he had not won FOTY.
    - GaryD, Level with Alan in 4th place, just one more podium finish would have seen you up in 4th, unlucky and that GP was my favourite looking fly.
    - gwelsher I always know I'm getting an entry from you Gary and they are always good, well done on a strong finish.
    - Clydebuilt Clearly your work prevents participation every month, but you've nailed a win this year and if you'd managed a few more flys you would have finished much higher. Well done!

    Not shown on the table are CharlieH and Westie, 2 forum stalwarts who entered a couple of great flies each this year in TOTM. Thanks!

    Also not shown is Ryan Houston, anyone who follows Ryan will know he's placed highly in the Chasing Silver tying competition and has a range of great youtube videos. It's great to have him and otheres entering in the competition, even though they know that voting is tight and not always based on technical excellence.

    I'd like to thank all our tyers, from the one hit wonders like KGM, or Cloner, who came in, tied a killer, finished 2nd and left again; to those who entered competitions and didn't come near the top. For those who never come near the top 3, don't be discouraged, it really is tough to get the votes because a lot of it rides on personal preference. Remember that an entry every month would have given anyone a good chance of finishing in the top 10 or 15.

    Participation and Voting

    Bottom line up front: There are relatively few active members of SFF and of those, only a few are really interested in fly tying. There's a lot of lurkers and I suspect flies generate the most content for the forum after politics and %ris £%%ham, but there really are not that many active participants. This has always been reflected in the participation and voting figures. I've been doing this for 3 years and Heero for 2 years before me. Back before I joined the forum, Springer used to coral the ideas for TOTM. I've looked through the past scores and it has never really been any different.

    Most popular competition by Views & Likes


    This pattern has been seen for 3 years now. Great initial interest and participation tends to fade out through the summer months and comes back in as winter draws in, the rods go away and we all get a wee bit of cabin fever. The most popular competition by views was the February 'Black and Yellow' with 11,215 views. Oddly enough, the least popular by views was FOTY with only 1362 views, a little strange considering FOTY achieved over 83 active voters, 10 more than 'Black and Yellow'. It just goes to show that perspectives matter.

    Measured yesterday evening; this year Speybrothers TOTM competitions recieved a total of 71,782 views, that's a big increase on 2018 total of 49,458 views and nearly 3 times the 2017 total of 26,541!.

    To put that in perspective, 'BREXIT' is on >294,000 and even DCH's (R.I.P.) 'Close Season' thread is on over 72k.

    Most popular competition by Votes, Thanks and Votes required to place.


    I think Votes represents a decent measure of active participants who are actually interested in the Fly Tying side of Salmon fishing. The forum has around 50 of those on average. I strongly suspect there's tens or hundreds of lurkers who look at these, and the other fly tying pictures for ideas and probably repost their variants elsewhere. Because the number of votes vary quite a bit, we have some slightly strange numbers. Leaving aside TOTY, with excellent voting numbers; we've had months where the winner only required 6 votes, and others where you would have needed 9 votes to come second! Jockiescott's November and FOTY winner got 9 votes to win the November competition, but polled 20 in TOTY. Andrzej's Silver Doctor winner got 15 votes in July, but fell behind Jockiescott's great Peacock Cascade by 2 votes in FOTY.

    TOTM 2019:

    Total Votes - 551 up from 487 in 2018!!
    Total Likes - 4708
    Total Thanks - 214
    Total entries - 202 up from 147 in 2018!!

    A new beginning

    When all is said and done, we have had a great competition this year and I think the standard has been consistently the highest so far. I've really enjoyed doing TOTM for the last 3 years, building on the success of Heero and others before him. The competition is for the whole forum and doesn't belong to any particular individual.

    On that note I would like to go out on a high and let everyone know that I'm not going to be running TOTM in 2020. I'd like a break and my working patterns are about to change.

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask anybody who is interested in taking on the competition, to contact me by PM to recieve details of how I've run the competition.

    I have asked the TOTM regulars but, as yet, nobody feels able to take it on. However, I'm sure there are keen folk out there who have good ideas and can take this to the next level. DO NOT be put off running the competition by a lack of time on the forum, or a lack of fly tying experience. Running the competition requires none of those attributes, anyone can do the job.

    The format, voting and all details are really up to the new custodian, but I'd be glad to help with those items and put them in contact with Teemu. If he is willing, Teemu would be an excellent sponsor in the future.

    If nobody comes forward it would be a wee bit of a shame, but that would leave the field open to a less structured series of monthly competitions, or even just a monthly theme for all to tie against.

    Tight lines, all the best and a Happy New Year for tomorrow.


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    Well Done All and thank you GK for running a fantastic addition to the forum the last few years.

    It's been well worth the effort by all concerned as it definitely brightened the place up with the colourful pictures and also gave us all inspiration to get at the vice. Even if we didn't all enter our efforts

    I just hope this section isn't lost for good to cyber space

    C'mon, you know you want to pick it up, who ever you are
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    Well done all the of the guys.
    Thanks very much GK for running this the past few years.
    Regards Gary
    Fishing for 60 years and am still trying to understand why I do it, but I love misunderstandings

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    That is an excellent and informative post GK!

    I'm more than delighted to finish in the top three of the yearly competition given the standard of entries.

    Congratulations to PP for winning to ever else for taking part.

    I do hope someone picks up the baton and keeps the monthly competitions going. If it wasn't for them, I could liter go for months and not tie a fly. The TOTMs give me a reason to tie during the winter months when I usually have to force myself to the vise.

    Thank you GK for all your efforts and to all who took part or contributed in any way to the monthly competitions.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Many thanks for running the show GK, youíve done a fantastic job and itís very much appreciated.

    Iím very happy to hand over the crown for the fly tier of the year to PerryPoker. Iíve known PP for a number of years - and heís definitely inspired me on my own journey of fly tying. Along the way Iíve managed to nab a few flies from him as well. Looking forward to hopefully casting a line and having a dram in 2020.

    Iím also delighted to hand over the TOTY crown to JockieScott. JS has given a lot of his time to me over the last few years - and got me up and running on the Irish shrimps and plenty of help on other tying tips. All freely given. Heís very modest about his skills - there is a certain style to his flies - mixing some classics with modern tying ( I doubt there are many who donít remember his willie Gunn!! )- and his skills are still improving. Well done Richard!

    Well done all who took part - if you really want to improve your tying then the comps do force you through the hoops - but itís all worth it so I can thoroughly recommend it.

    All the best, Patrick

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    Congratulations PP a very worthy winner of TOTM and also to jockiescott for winning FOTY stunning fly
    I'd also like to say very well done to all who took part in the TOTM competition you put on show some really fantastic fly's

    GK the time and effort you've put into and keeping the TOTM interesting has been absolutely top notch even though I've not been participating myself it's very much appreciated the best section on the forum

    All the best for the new year to all the forum 🥃🍻 mae yer rod's be bent with fresh silver in the coming season 🎣🎣

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    Thanks for such comprehensive feedback GK which is just a small indication of what a brilliant job you have done in making it all happen.

    Thanks also to everyone who took part for without you there wouldn't be a competition and without that I'm sure far fewer flies would be shown and skill would develop more slowly.

    I thought that someone had decided to take on its running and so am a little sad to hear that this could be the last for a while. I truly hope that isn't the case.

    Finally congrats to all the winners, runners up and entries for given the quality of flies submitted there were no losers.

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    Congratulations to PerryPoker, very well done! Also congratulations for other winners and many thanks for all others participating in the TOTM , it's a real pleasure to watch and take inspiration from all these flies. Tight lines in 2020!
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    congratulations to all that entered and those that finished in the top positions , thanks to all involved in running and sponsoring the competition I have had other things on my plate for a while but hope to make a more regular contribution in the coming year
    hopefully someone takes on the mantle of running the competition , big shoes to fill as I have been watching and I think this year in particular was very professionally done run and dusted
    happy wrappings
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    Been an excellent competition this year with some amazing entries. Many congratulations to PP who has consistently entered some top notch flees and makes a worthy winner and to JS for FOTY, again a very worthy winner.
    Most of all, thanks to GK for all his time and effort in running the whole show, its been a great source of inspiration throughout the year. Tight lines for 2020!
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