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View Poll Results: Who tied your favourite winner from the 2019 TOTM Competition

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  • February - nwsalar

    3 3.37%
  • March - GaryD

    0 0%
  • April - GaryD

    10 11.24%
  • May - Perry Poker

    12 13.48%
  • June - Alan T

    6 6.74%
  • July - Andrjez

    19 21.35%
  • August - AlanT

    5 5.62%
  • September - Jockiescott

    12 13.48%
  • October - Clydebuilt

    2 2.25%
  • November - Jockiescott

    20 22.47%
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    Well done jockiescott and everyone else who entered. Not sure my efforts are worthy but I might have a dabble next year if there's a category for my mop head variants Speybrothers Tie of the Month 2019 - Tie of the Year

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    As Errol Brown said " everyone's a winner"
    But Jockie was more of a winner.
    1st and 3rd equal!
    It was difficult decision, I'd give them them all a swim.
    PP s pair are exactly what I tend to use.
    All year I've struggled to pick a winner.
    Because of the quality, which has certainly improved due to the standard of competition.
    But also because you have all improved in your presentation in the photograph.

    Incredibly DrP, last year's well deserved winner didn't even have a fly in the competition.
    And his flies are that good I had 2 salmon and 4 seatrout on his pieces of art this year.

    A heart felt thanks to Grassy for all the effort he has put in to facilitate this competition.
    Especially as he didn't really have the time to do it for some of the year.
    If your are ever up in the North East of Scotland when I finally get back there Grassy, I will treat you to a day on the North or South Esk.

    Well done Jockie
    And a happy New year to all you fly tying maestros!


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    Well done Jockiescott! Thanks for all guys posting flies / voting for the TOTM and for Grassy_Knollington for his hard work and excellent ideas for the TOTM themes each month. All the best for all in 2020!

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    Congrats Jockie especially as you risked splitting your own vote with two great entries! The standard really is exceptional in this competition and so as far as I'm concerned every entry deserved to win as they did each month. Its been a pleasure to take part and to learn from everyone elses creations which I know has taken my first year of salmon fly tying way beyond where I feel it would have been otherwise. I'm certainly far less nervous of making my own entries now than I was at the start!

    Thanks also to GK for running the competition so well which made it a wholly enjoyable experience and to those picking up the reins next year. I shall be back.

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    I am very humbled, and indeed slightly embarrassed, to have won Fly of the Year.

    I said it earlier in the thread that I felt Andrzej's entry was of a higher standard than any of my own tying and I do feel for the him.

    I can't believe I won FOTY with a fly that I thought more than twice about even entering for the monthly competition. I just wasn't sure if I liked it. In saying that, I have entered flies for the monthly competitions that I really liked that didn't get a single vote! That is TOTM for you.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter during the year. We have some great patterns on the forum because of the monthly competitions that we may not have otherwise seen. Some of those have been a great inspiration for me personally and have made me try new ideas and thinking.

    Many thanks to everyone who took part, voted, liked, thanked or contributed in any way to the monthly competitions.

    Lastly, my sincere thanks to GK for his great work in running the monthly competitions. He created a great interest in the section and there was a great atmosphere and feeling about it. I am extremely sorry that he has decided to pass on the baton but completely understand his reasons for doing so. Thank you sir!
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    Well done jockiescott and the other winners. There has been an amazing variation in flies entered, all styles, and to a high standard. Its been a good comp and keeps my hand in at fly tying else I'd tie very little.

    Agree with the sentiments re GK too, thanks for taking the time to do TOTM and keeping the competition interesting, much appreciated

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    Well done Jockiescott!! Thoroughly deserved. Your fly tying talent is there for all to see. Top quality flies every single month. That peacock fly really is stunning! Beautifully tied.

    I was delighted to finish joint 3rd. There were some really good flies in that list so to get enough votes to finish third is extremely pleasing. As Mows said, there wasnít even a DrP fly in there which tells you just how tough it has been to pick a winner every month. Iím sure heíll be back in there again next year!

    Big thanks to GK for organising another great competition. Great effort! Will look forward to doing it all again next year.

    Well done again Jockiescott! 👏

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