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    Default Speybrothers Tie of the Month Novermber 2019 - Peacock

    Please see the entries for the November 2019 Speybrothers Tie of the Month Competition - Peacock

    Please take a couple of minutes to look through the entries and select your favourite fly from the 19 great efforts submitted in November!











    Dr PatrickT












    Billy fish




    Ryan Houston








    Starburst Shrimp




    Thanks for looking!

    --------------------------------- NO ENTRIES BELOW THIS LINE - ORIGINAL POST ONLY BELOW THIS LINE ---------------------------------------------

    Welcome to the November 2019 Tie of the Month competition.

    TOTM AdminThis is everybody's last opportunity to enter a fly into the Speybrothers 2019 Tie of the Month competition. December will be a 'Fly of the Year' vote for the best fly from all of the monthly TOTM winners. I'm going to get the November Poll up quickly so I can run the 'Fly of the Year' and 'November TOTM' polls concurrently and finish the competition early with winners announced before Christmas.

    I've got the prizes from Teemu of Speybrothers - who has been a very good sponsor. I've got another prize offer to chase up with the generous individual and my aim will be to get them all in the post just after Christmas

    November TOTM - 'Squawk'

    Sometimes I'm racking my brain for TOTM ideas and sometimes a decent idea lands in my lap with no effort at all. Thanks gwelsher for giving me this one

    This month the theme is, flies tied with Peacock feathers. The herl is synonymous with trout fly tying, most of my early trout were caught on a Black and Peacock spider and I always thought the subdued iridescent quality of the natural feathers played a part in attracting the fish.

    The herl and sword feathers are probably the most used parts of the Peacock in Salmon fly tying too. However, many of us are also drawn to the striking blue neck feathers; they make a fantastic hackle or wing addition to a whole range of existing patterns, as well as forming the key feature in others, (such as the Goats Toe).

    I first came across the neck feathers when we lived in a village with a few pretty aggressive Peacocks. Sensibly abandoned by their owners when moving house, the then feral birds patrolled the roads, annoyed the residents and scared small dogs. That all changed when one of my mum's friends managed to run over the last 3 surviving birds in her badly-driven Austin Maestro. It really was pretty impressive achievement; in the space of one winter she achieved what countless stones and a couple of .22 rifles had failed to do. When she hit the last one of the 3, she was in such a state, she chucked the bird in the boot of the car to see if my dad could 'do something with it'. She had to dispose of the body herself in the end, but not before we'd gained reams and reams of fantastic Peacock feathers.

    This month, in honour of the pea-brained show-offs of the bird world, I would like everyone to tie a fly that includes Peacock Feathers.

    There are so, so many options for this one. Good luck

    Specific Guidance:

    You can tie on any hook, shank or tube you choose.

    You can use other materials, just make sure we can see the Peacock without the use of a magnifying glass.

    Anyone who ties 2 eye feathers onto a 8/0 hook will be reprimanded

    Eleven commandments:

    1.The fly must have been tied for TOTM and should not have already appeared elsewhere on the forum or t'interweb. You can tie another versiion of one you have already posted but please don't just lift the photo from another thread to TOTM
    2. - This year I would like anybody who has started tying flies in the last 12 months to highlight this on their first entry. It would be great to see a 'best newcomer' shout at the end of the year.
    3. The first rule of TOTM is that everyone is welcome.
    4. The second rule of TOTM is that every day is a School day, try something new or unfamiliar, as well as the things you know you are good at.
    5. The Third rule of TOTM is that variety is the spice of life, we'll try and do something different every month.
    6. The tying competition has a different theme each month.
    7. At the end of the month there will be a poll to vote the winner. The poll will run the entirety of the following month.
    8. Points are awarded for simply entering, with additional points awarded for placing first, second and third.
    9. Whichever participant has the most points at the end of the year wins the prize.
    10. The competition will run from Feb - December 2019
    11. The December competition will be a 'Tie Of The Year' event, where members will vote for the best of the winning flies from the 10 monthly competitions.


    1. Each entry will be worth 4 points. You get points for simply entering and these make a significant contribution to the end of year totals.
    2. First place will be worth 10 points.
    3. Second place will be worth 8 points.
    4. Third place will be worth 7 points.
    5. In the event of a tie for first, second, and/or third in number of votes, all tied participants get equivalent points.

    This means you can place well in the whole event, without ever winning a single month's competition

    Again, the November 2019 theme is going to be: Flies that include Peacock feathers

    More rules:

    1. One entry per participant.
    2. Entrys must have been tied specifically for the November 2019 TOTM, you can repeat previously posted patterns from here or elsewhere on the web but you need to tie a version specifically for TOTM and not just lift the picture from another location.
    3. The fly must have been tied by you.
    4. One photograph of a fly or flies following the theme. Entries with more than 1 photo will be immediately disqualified. ONE PHOTO ONLY.
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    Well I went through my books, searched around the net and in the end gave up finding something with peacock that I liked - apart from the creation gwelsher found first. In the end therefore I decided to go freestyle and so dug around in my drawers of materials, binned a few idea forming creations and eventually created this...

    Hook: #6 partridge patriot
    Thread: black uni
    Tag and rib: medium oval gold tinsel
    Tail: flouro orange and yellow bucktail
    Body: blood orange VicuŮa dubbing
    Wing: natural peacock herl with GP crest over
    Hackle 1: gp yellow rump feather
    Hackle 2: guinea fowl dyed blue

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    I might change this one if I get a better idea. Hereís a favourite of mine:

    Blue money (with apologies to Van Morrison)


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    I've decided to change my fly from the Green Peacock to the Beauly Snow Fly. The front hackle which supposed to be made from mohair is tied here with arctic fox.
    Attached Images Attached Images fly369-jpg 
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    I'll Throw this in the mix - a good excuse to use the new tube viec

    Got there in the end with the pic.... anyway here it is:

    1 & 1/4" Copper Tube

    Thread: White Nano Silk - coloured with sharpie

    Tag & Rib : Silver Oval

    Rear body: Green Uni Tinsel under Opal Mirage

    Front Body: small band of UV Pearl dubbing followed by a wound dubbing loop of Peacock Glister well brushed out

    Underwing: a few strands of Green & Blue bucktail, Pearl krinkle flash, black krystal flash with Peacock herl & Black silver fox

    Hackle: Black Cock

    Over wing: Black Nayat with Peacock herl

    JC eyes

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    Andrezj, If you donít know what to do with the flies you tie up and donít like, like this one, you can always send them to me!!
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    Default Peacock Cascade

    I donít know that many flies that incorporate peacock so thought Iíd try and tie something original this month. After tying several flies I finally settled for this one.


    Butt: Copper oval tinsel
    Tail: Sunburst Arctic Runner/copper Krystal flash
    Tag: No.4 Glo Brite floss
    Rib: Copper oval tinsel
    Body: Peacock Herl wound on
    Throat: Yellow PB
    Wing: Black Arctic Runner/orange peacock Herl/copper Krystal flash
    Hackle: Hot Orange soft hackle
    JC Cheeks

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    Default Blue Peacock Monkey

    Hi All,

    I'll put in a Blue Peacock Monkey.

    Bottle tube
    Yellow sparkle glister dub (tied at front of tube and brushed out)
    Wing 1: shorter fox plus 2 strand yellow midge flash
    Wing 2: faux monkey plus 2 strands pearl midge flash
    Yellow hackle
    Blue Peacock hackle
    Wing 3: artic fox, 2 peacock herl, peacock mirror flash each side
    Orange JC
    Head black



    Attachment 40556img_1408-_landscape-jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPatrickT View Post
    Hi All,

    I'll put in a Blue Peacock Monkey.

    Bottle tube
    Yellow sparkle glister dub (tied at front of tube and brushed out)
    Wing 1: shorter fox plus 2 strand yellow midge flash
    Wing 2: faux monkey plus 2 strands pearl midge flash
    Yellow hackle
    Blue Peacock hackle
    Wing 3: artic fox, 2 peacock herl, peacock mirror flash each side
    Orange JC
    Head black



    Attachment 40552
    That's a Beauty!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauldalen View Post
    Andrezj, If you donít know what to do with the flies you tie up and donít like, like this one, you can always send them to me!!
    Cheers Gauldalen! I just have tied another and replaced the picture, tried to improved the proportion of the fly, not sure if successfully though I'll be happy to send for you the previous fly, please send the adres on PM
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