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Poll: Who tied your favourite fly from the November 2019 Tie of the Month Competition?

This poll will close on 16-12-2019 at 10:28 PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassy_Knollington View Post
    Hi Firefly

    The attachment bug has struck. Your attachment cannot be seen. To fix the problem you need to select 'edit', attach your image again and save your changes.

    It happens about 30% of the time anyone attaches an image to the forum but I don't think there is any interest in fixing the problem.

    'Attaching images using 'post quick reply'
    Yes, GKn, that happened to me too this morning when I was trying to post my picture. I managed to muddle through it eventually!
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    For my trips to Labrador I tie with dyed black moose body hair. The company that does a great job dying moose is Nature's Spirit. As I fish farther south, on the Gaspe Peninsula or on the Restigouche most of my flies have a black bear or natural skunk wing.

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    It's got peacock and it's Christmas soon, so why not!!
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    Default Purple & peacock feestyle

    First fly since july. Starting easy, hence speyish style.

    hook: Ken Sawada black spey #4
    tag: oval silver tinsel, blue floss, black uv tinsel
    tail: white & blue fox
    body: purple uv ice dubbing
    ribs: oval silver tinsel
    body hackle: black heron
    hackle: peacock hackle
    wing: blue amherst pheasant
    head: white thred


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    The Poll is up Lady and Gentlemen, there is a quick turn around this month and only 15 days for votes, so please take a look at the entries on the 1st post and get voting!

    I really enjoyed going through the entries here, at each one I'd think 'we have a winner here', and then I'd move on to the next one and think 'we have a winner here'.

    Cracking entries everybody, well done!

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    Hard choice, I've got two favorites, but need to flip a coin because can't decide

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    for me it was the simplicity and the different application of a blue as a spey wing in Gwelshers fly might use that in a magenta themed fly for steelhead I also really liked zamoras fly
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    Quite a few I like, but gone for Zamoras beauty, though you have let me down with the photo...I expect a much more artistic effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan houston View Post
    for me it was the simplicity and the different application of a blue as a spey wing in Gwelshers fly might use that in a magenta themed fly for steelhead I also really liked zamoras fly
    Thanks Ryan. I am struggling to choose there are a couple, including yours, on my short list.
    Regards Gary
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    Billy fish will take my vote this month, a very nicely tyed fly

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