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    Default Dunkeld (Interpretation!)

    Hi All,

    I'll put in a Dunkeld. I seem to catch sea trout mostly when using a silver stoat or using a red frances. One isn't terribly exciting (but a great fly) and the other doesn't feel like a sea trout fly! So I'll go for a pattern I want to try that is supposed to be good for both (I always like a bit of blue in a fly) - I don't catch much so - doubling up on an outcome is fine by me

    This is my 'modern' interpretation - given you either see old-style or trout flies - so just made a mix.

    Hook - Patriot 10
    Tag: Gold oval
    Tail: Golden Pheasant crest (it's actually 2 feathers - one longer overlaid with one shorter)
    Body: 'Antique Gold' - think Essential fly or funky fly?
    Rib/Palmered Hackle : Gold wire - counter wound from head to tag over a partially stripped orange cock hackle (ie. The hackle is tied in at the front - is a full hackle - given 2 wraps - then only one side of hackle palmers the body)
    Throat: Guinea fowl with a splash of Jay
    Wing: Bronze Mallard
    Head Black - Veniards/Sally HAN

    Tight lines


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    screenshot_20180415-132224-jpgIve gone for the trusted cascade, as I've said in previous posts this fly is mostly used on my river firstly for the seatrout run and later on for the salmon runs! Tied on a size 12 double
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    Default Blue mirage shrimp

    Was gonna tie a pearly stoat, but the pull of blue in a shrimp pattern meant I ended up with this!...
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    Default #8 Silver Stoat

    Heading to Labrador on the 3rd for 3 weeks. Filling in a few holes in my boxes.

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    Default Red Stoat

    Red Stoat on single and double patriots. New variant to me, found it on a Welsh youtube channel, and supposedly caught a lot of sea trout and salmon so fingers crossed🤞
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    Default Ullsocken

    Haven't tried nor tied one yet, but it seemed like a good choice with the usual suspects being taken.


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    Great flies as usual gents, looking forward to tying my own when I get the chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canewizard View Post
    Haven't tried nor tied one yet, but it seemed like a good choice with the usual suspects being taken.

    Fished this fly on the Laerdal in Sweden and it does the business.

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