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    Default November 2017 Tie Of The Month Competition - Strippers

    Welcome to the November 2017 Tie Of The Month Competition - Strippers

    Strippers; not something you used to get down the pub on a Tuesday night, a trainee Doctor earning some extra money by taking their kit off, or some bloke from Sheffield with a Fireman's costume. I want to see flies that you would strip through the water column at some speed to attract a Salmon. Fished square and stripped back they are frequent raisers, infrequent hookers and I think it's fair to say, increasingly popular.

    There are different types of fly designed specifically for stripping and others that are frequently used for the purpose, usually they have a long wing and usually they will be bigger than you would normally use in the prevailing conditions. The tactic is designed to stimulate an aggressive pursuit reaction from a fish that may be fresh, stale or in between. From the oldest example of the Collie Dog and North American Streamers, to Mikel Frodin's Samurai and anything you could design yourself, there's a whole range of fly types and patterns to try when you want something whipped past that fish.

    This month I'd like you to tie a fly that you would use when you want to pull something past the fish fast and aggressively. It doesn't have to be a long-wing tube but I'll be on the lookout for anyone tying a perfect #10 Kinermony Killer or an immaculate 'Jock Scott' in 1/0 to get the votes in .

    Points of Clarification:

    You can tie the fly on any hook or tube.


    1. The first rule of TOTM is that Everyone needs to keep talking about TOTM, the second is that everyone is welcome, experts or amateurs, lets get the entries in. The third rule is that we need more entries, keep them coming! The fourth rule is that variety is the spice of life so lets keep trying different patterns and materials.
    2. The tying competition has a different theme each month.
    3. At the end of the month there will be a poll to vote the winner. The poll will run the entirety of the following month.
    4. Points are awarded for simply entering, with additional points awarded for placing first, second and third.
    5. Whichever participant has the most points at the end of the year wins the prize.
    6. The competition will run from Jan - December 2017
    7. We are still trying to solicit some prizes from the Editor.

    Points work thus:

    1. Each entry will be worth 4 points. You get points for simply entering. This is an increase in the participation points awarded from last season.
    2. First place will be worth 10 points.
    3. Second place will be worth 8 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    4. Third place will be worth 7 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    5. In the event of a tie for first, second, and/or third in number of votes, all tied participants get equivalent points.

    This means you can win the whole event, without ever winning a single month's competition simply by participating. Though, there is incentive for tying something nice which could get you some better point totals and increase your odds.

    Again, the November 2017 theme is going to be; Flies for stripping


    1. One entry per participant.
    2. The fly must have been tied by you.
    3. One photograph of a fly or flies following the theme. Entries with more than 1 photo will be immediately disqualified. ONE PHOTO ONLY.
    4. More than one fly in the photograph is acceptable, they may not be identical (ie. one can be upon a tube and another upon a hook or one on a single hook and another on a double, etc.) but they must all be the same tying of the pattern.
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    Default Sunray


    My entry is a sunray.

    Plastic tube
    Silver tag, red floss tag, and silver body with oval rib
    White soft bucktail
    Smidge Brown artic
    Smidge Blue artic Fox
    Black Icelandic goat
    Two strands blue flash
    One strand Mylar flash
    Two strands peacock herl
    Black head, super glued and 2 x sally HAN over

    Tight lines!
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    Default Deep Green Beauty

    Modeled after Carrie Stevens' style of streamer, it has hooked every salmonid species in the northeastern U.S. and Canada. It's main use is for kelts on the Miramichi. This one just came in from a swim that hooked a total of four kelts in an hour.


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    Okay here goes with a couple of Tadpoles. The tadpole was created by Neil Graesser who owned the Lower Cassley, however contrary to popular belief they were actually tested and proven on the neighbouring Oykel
    Attached Images Attached Images fullsizeoutput_69-jpg 
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    Default Elver Monkey

    My offering for this month.


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    So much to learn and so little time.

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    Default Shocking Black Francis

    Entry numbers seemed a bit down this month so any thing to help out.
    Black Francis tied on a Sean Stanton tube with a shocking pink cone head. Get it down quickly and strip it back when all else has failed. My best reaction to it was not from a fish but from a ghillie ie. "What the f--k is that".

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    Default Sunray

    Here's my entry for this months competition,pearly orange and black sunray 🎣
    Attached Images Attached Images _20171119_125308-jpg 
    The early bird gets first run down the pool.

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    Lovely fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustic1 View Post
    Lovely fly
    Thanks 👍🎣
    The early bird gets first run down the pool.

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