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Poll: What is your favourite fly from the June 2017 Tie of the Month Competition?

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    Default June 2017 Tie Of The Month - Scandinavian Flies

    Welcome to the June 2017 Tie Of The Month Competition: Scandinavian Flies

    What have the Vikings ever done for us? Rollmops, dark nights, furniture hell, 9.00 a pint beer and beserkers spring to mind. More recently we've all gone a little Scandi with shooting heads, bushy flies and viking tackle brands everywhere.

    Norwegian rivers are open and surely we'll see some cracking fish caught over the next few weeks of their short season. In recognition of this, the June theme will be 'Scandinavian Flies'.

    We'll keep it as broad as possible to maximise entries so you can tie a fly originating in Scandinavia or a fly in the recognised 'Scandi' style. Scandinavia means Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark - not Iceland.

    Before everyone runs off to tie a Samurai or a bushy Willie Gunn, have a look at some of the many less well-known native patterns. A quick leaf through Chris Mann's book highlights quite a few. The sites below give a few pointers to many others:

    The Silver Glodhack by Anton Pousar


    Points of Clarification:

    You can tie the fly on any hook or tube.


    1. The first rule of TOTM is that Everyone needs to keep talking about TOTM, the second is that everyone is welcome, experts or amateurs, lets get the entries in. The third rule is that we need more entries, keep them coming!
    2. The tying competition has a different theme each month.
    3. At the end of the month there will be a poll to vote the winner. The poll will run the entirety of the following month.
    4. Points are awarded for simply entering, with additional points awarded for placing first, second and third.
    5. Whichever participant has the most points at the end of the year wins the prize.
    6. The competition will run from Jan - December 2017
    7. We are still trying to solicit some prizes from the Editor.

    Points work thus:

    1. Each entry will be worth 4 points. You get points for simply entering. This is an increase in the participation points awarded from last season.
    2. First place will be worth 10 points.
    3. Second place will be worth 8 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    4. Third place will be worth 7 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    5. In the event of a tie for first, second, and/or third in number of votes, all tied participants get equivalent points.

    This means you can win the whole event, without ever winning a single month's competition simply by participating. Though, there is incentive for tying something nice which could get you some better point totals and increase your odds.

    Again, the June 2017 theme is going to be; Scandinavian Flies


    1. One entry per participant.
    2. Fly mustve been tied by you.
    3. One photograph of a fly or flies following the theme. Entries with more than 1 photo will be immediately disqualified. ONE PHOTO ONLY.
    4. More than one fly in the photograph is acceptable, they may not be identical (ie. one can be upon a tube and another upon a hook or one on a single hook and another on a double, etc.) but they must all be the same tying of the pattern.
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    Clearly with a bit of rain everyone's been fishing not tying!

    I did have a feeling that the world tour would take a pause in Scandinavia. I know there is a certain amount of fatigue with the typical modern 'scandi' style and in some quarters folk have genuine doubt that these flies can be as successful in the UK and Ireland - where we have pursued a much sparser style of tying over the last 40-50 years.

    I just don't catch enough fish to tell but I do know the original Templedog, or a 1.5" variety of it has produced the goods for me, with Salmon and Sea Trout. As flies come, this one has got to be one of the most consistent and influential around the world in the last 20 years.



    I'm also to blame here, too busy and too hard trying to squeeze in some (unsuccessful) fishing trips. I'll get a fly posted up here this week and don't forget that there are a whole variety of Scandinavian patterns that don't have half a fox tail tied to the top - although those do exist too

    Some more examples for inspiration:

    Pattegrisen - A Sea Trout Pattern but I'd use it for Salmon


    Ken Sawada's Gaula Parson - Tied by Fly Tom of SFF, see the thread here: Gaula Parson


    The winning fly in Granbo Fishing's competition for a Gaula Fly


    And last but not least; isn't it good, Norwegian wood? By Uri Shumakov from the Rackelhanen website


    Avoid sunburn! Get tying!

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    I'll get us started with a definite tenuous link. Off fishing on Friday so there won't be any time for tying till July!

    Here's one I tied earlier. It's a version of the Olive Shadow. I've tried to make it usable while keeping keep bits of Scandi style with the fox wing, dubbed body and double hackle. Should be mobile. Tied on a #6 Guideline double hook.


    If nobody else enters I'll be a winner!!!

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    I tied this one over the winter. Can't remember if it was last winter or the winter before!

    A blatant rip off of the Norwegian Wood but with different colours.

    Sorry about the quality of the picture!
    One of the best skills that an angler can ever develop is knowing the difference between passing the time and wasting it!

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    Default Turbo Black Green Helmet

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    Default Red Dawn

    A Red Dawn, a pattern from Swedish tyer Ismo Saastamoinen and tied in his style with tags and tying-in points all laquered to extend the life of the fly. The hackle underwing is used to add a veil of colour without additional bulk, keep the head small (ish) and increase mobility/movement.

    Didn't have any golden brown fox for 2nd underwing, or even normal brown fox, so used a mix of fiery brown and orange buck to get the right colour and therefore better call it a variant before JS does
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    Nothing original just a plain old Templedog

    Regards Gary
    Fishing for 60 years and am still trying to understand why I do it, but I love misunderstandings

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    Default Tronach - Scandi Style

    I'll put this in as a play on a Tronach Shrimp in Scandinavian style...Tight lines, Patrick


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    My offering this month.

    Scandi TD style fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerryPoker View Post
    My offering this month.

    Scandi TD style fly

    Spot on for the Gaula in 2 weeks time

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