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    Default NEW SEASON: Sept. Tying Competition - TOTM - Autumn

    This season will run a full year with the competition beginning this past August and the final month's competition running July 2017.

    The Editor is actively trying to solicit some token prizes for this seasons winners.

    Rules are basically the same as last time, with a few changes that are listed and underlined below.

    This month's, SEPTEMBER, theme is going to be Autumn Flies. Tie your favorite or most successful fly to fish as the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change color.

    Another general theme, but theyll get more specific next month.

    Here's the deal.

    1. The tying competition will be a different theme each month.
    2. At the end of each month there will be a poll for voting favorites. The poll will run the entirety of the following month.
    3. Points are awarded for simply entering, with additional points awarded for placing first, second and third.
    4. Whichever participant has the most points at the end of the year wins the prize.
    5. Maybe we can get something for second and third place, as well.

    Points work thus,

    1. Each entry will be worth 4 points. You get points for simply entering. This is an increase in the participation points awarded from last season.
    2. First place will be worth 10 points.
    3. Second place will be worth 8 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    4. Third place will be worth 7 points. This is an increase in the points awarded from last season.
    5. In the event of a tie for first, second, and/or third in number of votes, all tied participants get equivalent points.

    This means you can win the whole shebang without ever winning a single month's competition simply by participating. Though, there is incentive for tying something nice whichll net ya some better point totals and increase your odds.

    Again, this month's theme is going to be Autumn Flies.


    1. One entry per participant.
    2. Fly mustve been tied by you.
    3. One photograph of a fly or flies following the theme. Entries with more than 1 photo will be immediately disqualified. Ill be sticking to my guns on this one. ONE PHOTO.
    4. More than one fly in the photograph is acceptable, they may not be identical (ie. one can be upon a tube and another upon a hook or one on a single hook and another on a double, etc.) but they must all be the same pattern.

    Have at.
    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    Jun 2012

    Default yellow shrimp.

    yellow shrimp variant tyed on sz 10 patriot double.

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    Aug 2010
    Spokane, Washington

    Default The Boyo

    I was considering tying a LT Special for the Miramichi when I started thinking about my first salmon trip 21 years ago to the Umba and its fall run osenka. I only used two flies back then; an Undertaker and a Black Bear Red Butt. Here's a flamethrower style fly popular today called The Boyo.

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    Default Red faughan flame shrimp

    Another fly I've had good success with this season,I hooked four fish in less than an hour landing three
    Attached Images Attached Images dsc_0554-jpg 
    The early bird gets first run down the pool.

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    Awesome start you guys!
    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    The first fly that comes to mind when I think Autumn is the Mickey Finn streamer.

    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    High quality start to this month. I was also going to submit the Boyo, I'll no bother now

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    Some cracking fly's already in this month's comp
    A pattern that's very rarely off the end of my line in the autumn and also in the spring and accounts itself with a fair amount fish especially for my old man would be this the gold/black bodied willie gunn


    Copper tube
    White thread
    Gold wire
    Gold holographic flatbraid
    Black floss
    Orange and yellow bucktail mixed
    Micro flash tyed the length of the bucktail
    Black bucktail
    Opal mirage tyed half the length of the tube
    Jungle cock
    Globrite floss No4 for the head
    I also put a touch of red bucktail in some
    Last edited by Lamson v10; 03-09-2016 at 09:49 AM.

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    Apr 2010

    Default Pink Panther

    This tube fly originates from the River Naver and is one of the most attractive and effective flies in the Autumn. Bling can be added which is usually silver. Tied in lengths from 2" to just over 3"

    Dressing.....for Tommy Shaws Pink Panther
    Copper or Aluminium Tube
    Tag........3 turns of Oval Silver
    Body.......Pink Floss
    Rib.........Oval Silver
    Wing......Red and Pink Bucktail Quartered
    Bling......4 strands of Solid Silver Krystal Flash (Optional)

    I have tied this one on a 15mm Bottle Tube

    Last edited by Torrish; 04-09-2016 at 06:06 AM.
    Fish where there is most fish and you are 90% there to becoming a successful angler.

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    Default The Calvin's (variants)

    I've not been tying much of late so hope you don't mind a few old photos for entry this month and last month's too, truth be told.

    Red was a "bogey" colour of mine for a long time. This pattern went a long way to rectifying that.
    Attached Images Attached Images _20160903_123109-jpg 
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    Ye Cannae help bein' a wee bit grumpy, No if ye was jist born crabbit

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