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Just a quick heads up about the Zpey Ztealth range available in Zwitch single/switch and the DH range with various handles, we had a day casting the range on the Teifi last week and all were paired with the new reels and the Zen Z1 was the star reel. The Zwitch rods can be used as a normal single hander but if you need more power for say a Zpey Zooter line or hybrid or skagit line what a difference the handle can make!. We use the 7wt Zwitch for competition/river fishing and 8wt Zwitch for the Teifi river. We had the Zteath DH range from 7-10wt in all the sizes and the Zpey Hybrid heads, we don't use DH a lot but this new range is awesome paired with the hybrid heads, casting shot strokes skandi casting was effortless and found them very powerful and accurate to cast.
The Dreamcatch II 4wt trout rod is a rod we use a lot of as its a joy to cast and have had many nice trout and sewin on it and up to 5lb

Apri will see the new spinning rod Zpey Zpin and this will be here to cast :)

If your down in Wales on the Teifi give us a shout as we always have the Zwitch in 7 and 8 and the Dreamcatche 4wt here to test cast any time you like ,

Tight Lines and the trout season has started but its been cold!!!
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