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A couple of weeks ago I cut some troublesome over hanging branches on one pool on the river. Dangling from the foliage were quite a lot of lengths of nylon and even two polyleaders. From this I salvaged the flies pictured below. There were a few dressed singles and doubles but they were too far gone with rust to be any good and most of them appeared to have been Silver Stoats.
Now I've been away from river salmon fishing for a few years and the thing that really struck me was that there wasn't a single shrimp style fly hanging in the twigs. Does nobody use an Ally's Shrimp anymore?

The little black single bottom right is a foam beetle with rubber legs. This one wasn't up the tree but was given to me by one of the rods. He fishes it on a 4 weight like a mini wake lure even in high water and swears by it

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I use a silver ally's, very good up there when fresh grilse are around. I sometimes use a squirrel cascade, which isn't far off but 95% of the time I use a Monkey or a snaelda if I'm fishing a wet fly. G is a bit obsessed by the beetle but it is very effective. Some seasons I catch a lot on it others it's less effective for me.