Whopper trout !


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Great video. Why do ospreys seem to eat fish, and feed young, from the head down, starting with bony/cartiligenous material? Surely easier to start from softer tissue (Sea eagles appear to do the same) Is it to do with calcium and bone formation?


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Today the 3 young ospreys were given their names after being ringed just over a week ago (JJ6, JJ7 & JJ8 being their ring numbers)

A nice touch considering the year we have had

Here is the live link

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We have just named our three lovley chicks.
JJ6 "Doddie" is to honour Scottish rugby legend and charity campaigner Doddie Weir.
JJ8 "Vera" is to honour Dame Vera Lynn.
JJ7 "Captain" is to honour Captain Tom Moore, WWII veteran and NHS fundraiser.
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Katharine Taylor was a student in Countryside Skills with Ranger Training at West Highland College - University of Highlands and Islands. As part of her Countryside Interpretation module she created a terrific graphic on ospreys and pine forests. We love it! Download a copy from the following link:
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Amazing footage! The camouflage of the chicks was so good I didn't even see them until the second bird turned up. Very uplifting scene.
Odd that I wouldn't feel the same way about seeing an Otter chewing on a big Barbel or a Salmon, come to that.
I suppose Barbel are residents who's populations are easily wiped out and Salmon are here today, gone tomorrow, regarding Otters