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I have a veritable forest of 11' - 11'6" single handers from wieghts 4 - 9 and all of them although not sold as switch rods have short extension handles. So I'm wondering which of the switch lines might be best on one of them. I've been looking at the Snowbee, Shakespeare and Barrio switch lines.
I'm not looking to cast huge distances, 25 yards is realistically all I'm after and a lot of the time a lot less. I'll not be chucking anything very heavy on them, just the standard summer stuff, lightweight plactic tubes, the occasional sunray and size 12 - 8 singles and doubles.

So is there much to choose between the three lines I've been looking at especially when it comes to getting a line out in tight overgrown corners?


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The Wulff Ambush Triangle Taper TTAM9F works superbly on my Vision 11' #6 weight switch it is an integrated running line on this line, the rule of thumb is go up 3 weights with them as they are trout rated i believe. I luv this line and worth looking at as well.


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Salmologic Shooter lines, great for spey and overhead casts. Designed to fish where little back cast is available.


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Bavaria - too far away from salmon spots
Hello Westcountry!

Same intention what an older friend of mine had. He put a lot of good cork, reel seats, hours and days in to transform his good old trusted singlehanders into switch rods.
Later it became my problem, because he couldn’t cast them satisfyingly. Of course I wanted to help. Although the problem was clear from the beginning and I told him it will be not that easy, because I knew his rods. In the end it was both, his casting skills and the wrong rod actions for usage as a MiniSpey rod. But he is used to tell others as a retired teacher.
Some casting of real good switch rods with good line pairings had to be done to convince him. After the same amount of time for me and him in selecting a line and not succeeding satisfyingly, he gave up and bought a through actioned Switch rod for a little more than the money he invested into cork, glue, reelseats and the wrong line.
The rest was easy.
But it was a long process of lost time.

Maybe not your story and not your problem. Just a story of a friends experience and a thought.
It all depends of what you ask of your rods of course.

Good luck !