Which hook suits best.


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North west London
You're not joking there. I've landed more than my fair share of 15lb + fish on them . The pattern I've used is definitely a medium strength version, available painted red, for a while.
Perfect for red shrimps. Ideally size 8. My best ever day Salmon fishing was 8, 10, 15, 18lb 19lb. All returned safely. A couple of days earlier I'd had a real 17lb cock brute and a 8lber.
It was an impromptu visit and the only size available in the shop I went to en route was 12s. They worked fine.
Landed them all into a 24" coarse net too.!!!
Love the fact they are relatively easy to bend out of snags and after inspection I usually change the hook after a fish.
Had a beautiful grilse using one, sea lice clearly visible and was such a perfect example of a Salmon it's now my screensaver. This fish will appear later in a 'most memorable visual takes' thread.
It was lip hooked but so well in I had no option but to give it a goodnight kiss and had to cut the hook out. 4lb 12oz and made 3 lovely meals.!
I'll dig out the picture for your perusal chaps.


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The mustad kaiju are a great hook aswel. The big eye on them means they dobt get twisted up on the split ring and sit crooked.

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