West coast survivors!

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Had a quick check on a local stream today. Sneaked a look at a few likely spots just to see what kind of stock occupies the river for spawning. Very happy with what I found. One pool on this little river had at least ten fish resident. Estimated size range from about 3 to maybe 12lb. Only one about 3lb and the rest quite substantially larger. Really nice to see the cock fish chasing each other around the pool.

The bigger one below if you can make out from an iphone photo was chasing others that got too close to him away before returning to his lie. Must invest in some equipment like Reddie to do these moments justice.


Just before a chase as another cock fish moves in. This is supposed to be a photo of two fish you might just be able to make them out. One along the bottom and one towards the top right. Just a little bit further out there was a good number of fish, hen's and cock's, but no chance of getting a photo on an iphone I'm afraid. Very clear to view by myself but unfortunately camera phone not very good.


No signs of any redds yet. A rise of water would certainly be of benefit. These fish are quite vulnerable as the otter casualty testifies. Belly well chewed up and the otter was clearly after the eggs only at this stage. Unfortunately this wasn't a kelt.


I watched fish in two pools totally unaware of my presence so I wasn't disturbing them. Spawning yet to commence here and I won't be so close to the banks when it does. Nice to see quite a few fish that ran this river mostly in August. There wasn't many running in the traditional fishing months of September and October on this river either so reassuring to see a decent spawning stock resident. So hopefully spawning will go well. Roll on 2017.
Excuse the sideways photo.

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I must have been there at the same time as you but not lying on my side.:)
Seriously though, great photo taken from a phone.