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This has become a hot topic as of late so I'm placing a copy of this video version of the How I Get Flies Down thread here also.

There may actually be a few things covered in the show that you may not have previously considered, I hope it will be helpful.

I have rigged and fished streamers, classic salmon & steelhead flies, Tubes and Shanks for many years quite differently than my contemporary's. In October 2016 we made a video hoping to share it with those who may find it interesting.

The first 3 minutes are there for a reason. They show only a man making 4 casts I believe. The reason was two fold, one to demonstrate the ease and speed of the casting and secondly to show the leader turning over.

I have written text versions which explain who I do what I do in years past and link them here for you if you want a deeper explanation.

They even have drawings that you may get a smile out of; link > How I Get My Flies Down;

Second Text Article; link >Fishing - Controling The Submerged Fly;

Remember the first 3 minutes may have you wondering what is this about....... Video Link > Streamer Fishing Techniques by Ard Stetts - YouTube

Please do ask questions, and let me know what you think.