Tope Fishing

tony rentokil

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Hi I would not expect,,to poach your favourite spot,,but can any one give me a few pointers for fishing the Lyn Peninsula,Wales for Tope,without needing a climbing rope,,Thank you in advance,


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We have a boat in Pwllheli & fish all down the Llyn, if fishing from the shore the headland around Cilan Head nearly always produce (the run around half a mile off there is known locally as Tope alley), we have had them from right under the cliffs (when the weather has been to bad to get out further, it is a fair walk though from Port Ceiriad.
Pwllheli beach throws up a few after a calm spell but would not want to call it a "Tope mark".
Further round towards Hells Mouth, again from the rocks & again a fair trek.
TBH there have been that many around for the last few years that they show up anywhere along that coastline, the main problem this year has been avoiding the hordes that have descended!
If you want a crack at Bass Porth Ceiriad fishes really well on an incoming tide (early morning & last light to avoid the boaters), walk along the beach right (facing the sea) towards the headland and start fishing when you get to the boulders, we have been getting anything up to 50 in a session along there for years. Problem is during the day all the boats from Abersoch moor up there, hence the early/late call.
Anything else drop me a line & I will try to advise.