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In an effort to relieve the absolute monotony of self isolation, I take you back to much happier days when this unique, mostly unconscious, but nevertheless absolutely brilliant sense of humour lit up this forum.:)
His artistic ability to recreate situations and relate stories in the most descriptive and amusing fashion using his local vernacular knew no boundaries.
I urge you to read these stories, they will undoubtedly brighten up your days.
This is the 1st set from the keyboard of my late, lamented pal, and indeed pal of many others on this forum, the one and only Josler.:thumb:
I miss the wee man so much.:(
Hope you are resting in peace, pal.
Your stories live on as your own unique legacy.:nod:


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aye I used to like his crack on here when the forum was on fire with stories and banter and some good lads a few not on here now that made it a better place to scan at night when bored .


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on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors
The Josler Lives on....

I never had the honour of meeting the wee man but every time I get the opportunity to go after Salmon I take a nice rod n reel set up which I purchased from him. He advertised it on the forum, I had a couple of exchanges in email, sent the "dosh" as he requested and these goods were shipped down to me. I must point out that the advert only stated a rod n Reel, when received it was fully loaded with backing and line on both spools.

He rang me a couple of times to see if I had used the tackle, he was keen to ensure I was happy with it, he was a gent of the highest calibre.

It was around a month or so before he passed I received another parcel, it was another rod and reel with a few bits? I contacted Josler straight away - these are some bits that he hadn't sold and he wanted to make sure that - to quote him "he wanted them to go to a good home"

When I asked what he wanted for them, could I send him a little cash he replied, nothing at all, just tell people that I had found a generous Scotsman who was sponsoring a hard up Yorkshire man - he always had a smile in his vocabulary, just wish I had met him or spent a day on the river, it would no doubt have been very memorable.

Without fail each time i manage to wet a line with one of these outfits I smile, look to the heavens and when finished raise a glass to the one and only Josler - what a character, they broke the mould when he came out :thumb:

The world is a poorer place for his passing...:sad: